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Mandy Smith
Port Macquarie, NSW


I was diagnosed with Pagets of the nipple 7yrs ago – a rare type of breast cancer. I spent many years trying to heal it myself, almost going in for a double mastectomy which I backed away from when I found Tyler.

 I’ve done many fasting stints and completely changed my lifestyle and diet. Following Tyler’s protocols, I believe it is why I have managed to stay well for so long – I managed to keep it at bay for several years.

But, as it started to grow and get worse, I chose to review the main stream options again, and after thermography scans I found it had spread to my liver and spine

A lump had formed in the breast and I just felt that I needed to do something different. So I challenged my previous belief system & opted for the chemo and combined it with Tyler’s fasting protocols and diet with the treatments – I really learned a lot through this experience and my results were consistently improving.  I embraced this combined methodology and the results were a reflection of this.

 I am still going strong, feeling stronger and healthier than I have ever felt in my entire life. It’s not been a fun journey but with the support of several of my fellow coaches and combining many different protocols I can only say that I am so grateful for all I have learnt along the way.

Having helped my husband take his health back in his hands and he is no longer on any of the statin drugs and warfarin after his stroke. He is also stronger than ever before himself. I am more than passionate about helping others find their way through the maze and confusion to stay in charge of your own health.

Having had a tumultuous upbringing I had a lot to address emotionally and found this was a huge factor in my healing journey, along with everything else that I have done and continue to do.

I have set up my own home as a retreat to offer services to help those who are serious about taking back their health.

I am currently a certified international iridologist and Spinal Flow practitioner.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

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