How To Get Rid of Antidepressants | Best Way to Reset Your Body
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How To Get Rid of Antidepressants | Best Way to Reset Your Body

How To Get Rid of Antidepressants | Best Way to Reset Your Body

I’ve helped people with major forms of antipsychotics and antidepressants. Some of these antidepressants are so strong, you try to come off them and it’s a major negative reaction, of which, nearly every single time you’re doing a juice fast. 

Juicing Away the Medication

My recommendation is to keep taking the antidepressants, and start a juice fast. Actually you can start with a colon cleanse, then do a juice fast. Typically, after starting a juice fast, maybe 3 or 4, days you can cut your antidepressants by half. 

By the time you get to 7 to 10 days into the juice fast, your body is going to receive so much nutrition, so much light and clear so much toxicity out of your body, that you’re most likely be able to quit (antidepressants) and have no reaction what so ever.

Juices are one of the greatest antidepressants. 

I generally suggest drinking about 3 litres of juice a day, but if you are really small, 2-2.5 litres will be fine. If you are weighing above 60 kgs, I would recommend the 3 litres a day. Also continue drinking 2-3 litres of water a day.

When Juice Fasting is Done

Getting our mind back in the right state, clearing out the mess inside our digestive system, lymphatic system and brain takes time. And if you have been on antidepressants for a long time, you need to realise that you are going to feel great while you are juice fasting, but when you quit there is going to be a come-down. 

You need to be aware that, it’s like ‘oh now I’m coming down, I’m not on juices, maybe I need antidepressants again.’ There is going to be a transition that needs to happen of your lifestyle. 

Incorporating juices, fresh fruit and walking on a regular basis. Basically, incorporating the 7 Principles of Health – air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole foods, relationships and passion. Also, coming along to our programs, getting inspired, meeting new people, dedicating your life to these principles and incorporating them into your daily life. 

This is what is going to take us completely out of depression and into a situation of letting our lives be full of gratitude, energy, vitality, and finding our mission and passion.

Healing Long Term

If you have been on antidepressants for a long time and you’re getting off of them, I wouldn’t do just enough fasting to get off the medication. I’d do enough fasting to heal and rewire your brain. 

So connecting with a Tolman Health Coach would really be ideal because they’ll keep you motivated with exactly what you need to be doing –  wake up, drink water, go for a walk, have your juice, get out in the sun for a certain amount of time… All these little things that kind of need to be brought in to stay on track. 

I would also recommend doing 20-30 days of juices minimum to really clear everything out to really see the light and not have to go back onto antidepressants. This is because within about 30 days of a juice fast there are going to be some ‘downloads’ and things that you receive, such as a raise in vibration, that you’ll attract enough into your life that you will not fall back into depression. 

When you come off the juices, it’s going to be important to have lots of fresh fruits, yoghurts and rebuild your gut, and keep a really healthy, light diet. And when I say light, I don’t mean little, I mean light as in light and bright. Eat the rainbow, fruits, vegetables, salads, all these sorts of things. Eating lots of it, so you are getting all the calories you need for energy. 

Don’t be scared to just load yourself up with fresh fruits in the morning, smoothies, juices throughout the day, veggie snacks, nuts and seeds – go nuts! The reason they are called nuts is because people who are nuts, need nuts because they are healthy for the brain for correcting it. 

So in time, getting into the nuts and seeds and the pulses, things from nature, to really strengthen your body, your mind is going to be on point.

Thanks for reading!


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