Brain Tumor Causes - How Excess Protein Is The Root Cause
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Brain Tumor Causes – Is Excess Protein To Blame?
brain tumor causes

Brain Tumor Causes – Is Excess Protein To Blame?

I’ve been asked, what is the best natural way of removing a brain tumor or any tumor in the body.

I have worked with many clients with all kinds of different tumors, in different places, using the process of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton which allows the body to dissolve tumors, cysts, and superfluous tissue through fasting.

First Do No Harm

“First do no harm” are the kind of treatments I believe are best.

A healthy individual following these suggestions will just get healthier. If the treatment makes a healthy person get sick, then you know you probably shouldn’t use it. Whether you are sick or healthy, a 10 day water fast allowing your body to heal and catch up is one of the most profound things you can do.

Just look at all the interesting people who have fasted in history – Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Gandhi, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed.

Why did we lose track with this? Every mammal on the planet when either sick or injured would do an extended fast, letting its body rest and drinks lots of water until it heals. This is why when you have a flu, you don’t feel like eating, just drinking fluids.

Allow Your Cells To Breathe

Alkalising the body is a great place to start because tumors form cancer in an acidic environment.

In a fish bowl, fish often die because the level of the water has become acidic and when water is acidic the oxygen isn’t actually available.

However, once you alkalise the water the oxygen does become more available. In the body when we are more alkaline there is more oxygen available for cells to use, but when we become acidic and backed up in different places there’s a potential for tumors to start growing.

The most obvious way to increase alkalinity and boost oxygen is eating greens, vegetables, and fresh fruit. A supplemental way is to use bicarbonate soda or 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide used in a very diluted state or try adding Celtic or Himalayan salt to your water.

Breathing exercises are another way to alkalise and oxygenate your body.

Where Does All The Excess Protein You Eat Go In The Body?

For the body to grow and repair we require a very specific amount of protein (as amino acids) on a daily basis. This is essential for creating new cells and to build tissue (such as muscle) and carrying out metabolic functions.

Excess proteins can also cause the body to grow in different ways that it’s not meant to. A common sign in people who eat too much protein is growths such as skin tags, moles and warts.

Eating excess animal protein tends to increase the growth hormone IGF 1, which is the number one cause of ageing and the leading cause of cancer growth. The body needs growth hormone factors in times of rapid development such as childhood, or bodybuilding. However, if you’re a fully grown adult and not moving around so much then these growth factors in high levels really aren’t such a good idea.

The best way to reduce growth hormone factors is through fasting. Even short fasts such as intermittent fasting or the 5:2 diet will help.

A 24 – 48 hour fast will cut IGF 1 in half and that process lasts for an extended period. This means the body’s growth process will slow down when it comes to tumors and also general body ageing.

Dissolving Tumors And Ripping Apart Viruses With Fasting

One of the most fascinating processes in the body is autolysis, which means self-digestion. Autolysis happens when we go into a water fast.

I’ve worked literally with hundreds of clients and watched random bumps and growths on peoples bodies just disappear when fasting.

I use to think ‘How is this process happening?!’ I had my own personal experience of a little mole-like growth pop up on my knee. What the heck is this?! The mole remained until I did a water fast. After 3 or 4 days it started to shrink within 10 days it was completely gone.

When we’re not feeding our body protein it starts to actually auto disintegrate foreign proteins that the body doesn’t need. Those little growths, bumps and tumors are essentially your body housing toxicity that it can’t deal with right now.

After 3 days of fasting your body starts to autolyse all these superfluous tissue. Polyps in the colon, moles, skin tags, growths, tumors, cysts, all of these things start to get disintegrated.

Your body’s intelligence, your little workers in there, your little armies inside you go around ripping apart growths, tumors, viruses and uses those amino acids they are made of for your metabolism. You’ll build clean muscle mass and tissue from viruses, from tumors, from cysts, from superfluous tissue, from polyps, from all of these things!

Viruses over time may cause cancer. It’s a virus-like hepatitis that leads to liver cancer and human papillomavirus in women’s reproductive system is supposedly one of the causes for reproductive cancers that hasn’t been proven. Every virus known to man is an actual accumulation of different amino acids of protein and I believe that every virus on this planet is curable 100% through this process of fasting.

Imagine if you fasting, which autolysed most of the virus, got your immune system rockin’ and you inundated yourself with garlic and colloidal silver (which are known to be effective in killing 99.9% of viruses).

Can Fevers Be Another Key In Dissolving Tumors?

Very interesting research from Professor Longgo, of the University of Southern California, showed that people who had a fever would often suddenly have spontaneous remission of tumors and cancers. He found essentially the body’s immune system would be working up to 86 times faster.

That’s great, but we can’t induce a fever whenever we want.

Or can we?

Hippocrates used to induce fevers using hydrotherapy, a method of alternating between very hot and very cold baths of water. Hydrotherapy essentially allows the same process to happen. The ice cold bath sparks the immune system into action and reduces inflammation whilst the hot bath stimulates circulation.

In conjunction with fasting, hydrotherapy can produce amazing results.

Fasting stops the production of an enzyme PKA which inhibits stem cells from being able to build new tissue. Not only that, but in a fasting state your body starts to proliferate embryonic style stem cells.

These stem cells are perfect cells that have the ability to take the place of damaged tissue. So once you’ve autolysed the bad stuff you’re in a super state of repair, so eyes repair, brain repairs, liver repairs, your heart, your arteries. Anything that is damaged in the body starts to heal. This is proven science.

There is so much research coming out about the benefits of fasting and tumors. Dr Herbert M. Shelton is a great place to start, as is Tyler Tolman!

I’ve seen first hand how fasting has helped so many, particularly in my Heal Thy Self Fast program. I’m always looking into new processes and things that people can do to potentially dissolve tumors. I’m not saying this is a cure for cancer, it’s just part of the process.

I believe in a holistic approach which incorporates healing on many levels – mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, financial.

Once you have all these things in order, I believe you’ll find your place of balance in healing and things like tumors go away.

Thanks for reading!


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