Can we heal in the same environment we got sick in? | Tyler Tolman
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Can we heal in the same environment we got sick in?
Can we heal in the same environment we got sick in?

Can we heal in the same environment we got sick in?

Do you believe you can heal yourself in the same environment that you got sick in?

This is a really good question and something we should probably address a little bit more.

What if there is some type of black mould or something going on in your environment that you have no idea about?

What if there’s some chemicals or things in the air where you’ve been that’s been causing a sickness?

What if this environment you’ve been stressed in for so long is causing you to fight with your partner?

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Sometimes, it’s really important to extract yourself from the environment that is causing the sickness in the first place.

Sometimes just getting out of the environment can help your nervous system to relax…

When you step out and get some fresh air and change what you’re putting in your body, it’s easier for you to de-stress and change the mindset that you were in when you got sick.

This starts to bring about a situation of HEALth.

Let’s just discuss a few tips of specific things you can do to change your environment.

Tip #1 – Change your environment

Tip number one is to leave the environment that you got sick in.

There’s so many things that we can be exposed to as far as chemicals and moulds, and actually just the energy and Feng Shui of a place.

I believe if you’re sick, you need to extract yourself from that environment, put yourself into a clean environment that’s free from chemicals and mould and that just feels better energetically.

It could be a health retreat, a place by the beach or somewhere that just feels like a healing space..

Tip #2 – Distance certain people

What if the people you’re around put you into a space of having more stress?

I believe that sometimes we have to extract ourselves from the situation we’re currently in and the people we’re currently exposed to.

It’s easy to get caught up in relationships with your partner and family.

Every time you’re around your partner, the same stuff is coming up.

Every time you’re around a family member, you get a little bit stressed out or have anxiety, or some deep sadness, grief or guilt.

It’s really important to go into a space where you can be supported by people who are there specifically to lift your energy, to get you to believe in yourself and take your mind to the next level of healing.

When you get into that positive energy and de-stress for a while, often you can clear a lot of stress, trauma, grief or guilt… putting us in a really good space for healing.

Tip #3 – Detox your body

Finally, take a look at the actually foods you’re putting into our body.

If you’re living in an environment where your partner loves cooking pasta, making apple pies and loves to connect with you through food, that can be good on an emotional level.

But if you’re sick and your body is physically congested, you need to start eat foods that will clean and detox your body.

You can enrol them in the process and cook healthy food together.

But if they’re not ready for that, you may need to extract yourself and heal before you come back and create that situation of love and connection once again.

Thanks for reading!


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