Candida in Kids | How to Heal Naturally
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Candida in Kids | How to Heal Naturally

Candida in Kids | How to Heal Naturally

Candida is not uncommon, in fact, nearly everyone has it. But when the balance of good and bad bacteria gets out of whack in the gut, that’s when candida really surfaces and gets out of control. 

There are a number of symptoms that present when this happens, and there is even a simple, at-home spit test you can do to check if this is what is going on. And when it comes to the kiddos, what a fun ‘science experiment’ for them to do and easy way for you to know for sure if your child has candida. 

So if your little one does have candida, what can you do about it?

Colloidal Silver for Healing Candida

Bentonite clay is awesome for candida, but it’s not the only solution, which is good if you can’t get your hands on any. I would say the one really good thing that has a powerful impact on any kind of fungal condition is colloidal silver. 

The nice thing about colloidal silver is it’s completely non-toxic and there is actual science where they measure colloidal silver against candida and other fungal infections. Colloidal silver is highly effective.

What you would probably want to do is take 1 tablespoon, 2-3 times a day for 30 days. And for that 30 days, avoid any fried foods, processed foods, and really focus on a high fruit diet in the morning. Bananas, oranges, or any type of fruit that is in season. Apples help to really clear the digestive system out.

I know, when it comes to candida, the ‘sugars’ are bad and can cause candida problems. But the underlying cause of candida is a gut imbalance. So if we have inflammation in the gut, or excess fats that build up in the lining of the gut, there’s certain processes of digestion that don’t work effectively. So when we get this imbalance in our gut, then bacteria or fungus starts to grow.

Fruit and 7 Principles

Essentially, candida is an acidic condition in the small intestine. So eating fruit, good fibres and hydrating…getting that digestive system moving. Again, eating fresh fruit, hydrating and moving (exercise) in the morning and making sure the bowel movements in your children are happening regularly every day are key to healing candida. 

Having oatmeal on a daily basis or some type of cereal grain that has been sprouted also really assists with digestion. Dried fruit, like prunes, figs, raisins, nuts and seeds are going to be super healthy. Incorporating soups, salads, baked or steamed vegetables (such as baked potatoes, steamed broccoli) are also going to assist in the healing process. 

Basically, you want to cut out the fat completely, and get a high plant-based diet going, all while your having the colloidal silver as a treatment.

Making sure there is hydration, sunshine…

Eating bananas and oranges sometimes, it feels like there’s a lot of production of mucus, but the mucus is there to grab onto and eliminate the candida.

So if you can do a high fruit-based diet, kids are typically good with that once you get them into the flow. You can have smoothies as well…bananas, dates berries all these things are going to be really good for antioxidants for lots and lots of nutrition and hydration. 

Greens smoothies are amazing – I love a green smoothie. A great green smoothie I like includes, bananas, dates, celery, half a cucumber, chopped apple, a handful of greens (spinach or kale, etc, – switch them up every couple days), and then just add water and blend. You could also add berries, or a little bit of cacao to make more of a chocolate smoothie. 

Smoothies are a great way to increase calories and stock up on nutrients.

To recap: Lots of sunshine, hydration, exercise…. All the 7 principles with colloidal silver over a 30 day process.  

Thanks for reading!


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