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At just the young age of 28, Clint Facey was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was told he’d die if he didn’t do what the doctor told him. He refused Chemo and Radiation therapy & Instead Clint followed the Tolman way and 7 principles of health. Over 10 years later Clint is the picture of Health & Vitality while being cancer free. A qualified PT, Tony Robbins University graduate & leader and fasting expert, Clint brings his passion for truth & health to help raise others into their full potential.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

Praise for Clint Facey

When I was diagnosed with gall stones and an inflamed gallbladder after experiencing excruciating pain, I was told my gallbladder had to be removed. I was speaking with a friend saying that I wished there was an alternative to removing my gall bladder. He suggested to see Clint who he had seen previously and had wonderful results. I contacted Clint who spent some time with me over the phone and knew by his passion and experience for what he did that I had to see him for a consultation. I went for my consultation which ended up lasting about 2 hours because Clint was committed to giving me the time that I needed. I loved how I was important and the time I needed wasn’t cut short because of the clock. Clint was very thorough in his assessment of me and explained everything so I clearly understood. His technique using Iridology was like no other I have previously experienced and was truly amazed by the images and analysis. Clint uses LED lighting so it was even a pleasant experience having the photos of my eyes taken. Once Clint identified all the things that my body was experiencing using Iridology, I was provided with an eating plan moving forward. For the following 2 weeks I was on a raw fruit and vegetable eating plan and drinking 3 litres of water daily which totally relieved me of my gall bladder issues. This is what I needed to start my journey and continue to build on a healthy regime. Today I feel better than I have felt for a long time and I have my gallbladder intact! Thanks Clint ☺

Chris S.

I came to see Clint after always feeling tired and low on energy and wanting to know what was going on and what I could do. Clint made me feel comfortable straight away; he’s really friendly and approachable. We worked out the areas in my body where things weren’t working properly and taught me what I can be doing with my body and to my body to start feeling better everyday. His depth of knowledge and passion for this area of health made me feel like I was in the right place and gave me the motivation to give everything a go. Clint has provided me so much support and guidance and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to bring their health to a new level.

Jodie B.

I've been following Tyler Tolman and his protocols for a while now because Doctors couldn't actually help me. After having surgery way back in 94 as a 16 year old, I've coped pretty well but about 4 years ago I started to develop nerve pain from the surgery site (neck/nape) to my anterior deltoid. While juice fasting did some amazing things and I knew I needed to do more specific things, I ran into one of Tyler's coaches at Tyler's last presentation in Melbourne, Clint Facey. I cannot speak more highly of the man in his approach to health, his knowledge and his willingness to shift mountains to find the answers I needed. Clint sat down for a few hours with me after doing an iridology and sclerology consult and got to know me and my situation. He then gave me a report and listed some foods and protocols that were suited to me. The report was much more detailed than I expected and I'm so glad I went and booked the appointment with him. You are never really sure exactly what to do for yourself and to have Clint come in and tell you exactly what you need to do takes out all the guess work and saves time. I've got a long way to go but now I know I'm heading exactly where I need to be. To Tyler and Clint, you guys are now more important than ever in the way this world is shaping and I cannot thank you enough for educating yourself to help others as brilliantly as you both do.


Clint is full of self healing wisdom! My 3 months of coaching with him was incredible. We focused on getting out of the “fight or flight” and into the “calm”. I feel less stressed and all the nuggets of info I learnt with Clint I am still doing in my life to continue the balance of health and life. It’s easy and simple to live with vitality! He was worth every cent. I am an investment not an expense. Highly recommend this guy!

Amy Armstrong

Hi Clint :) I got my updated MRI 9 months after the original and there is NO SIGN of a growth in my head and the mastoid bone that was jam packed full of something is now COMPLETELY CLEAR !! Whoop!!! Thankyou for a wonderful 3 month program. What a life changing experience!! No need for an operation & the promised choice of chemo, radiation or immune therapy PHEW! Nice save Coach :) Eternally Grateful. 💖 The extent of your knowledge in so many different areas really is mind blowing and means the problem is corrected from all angles. 😎


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