Colon Detox and Colon Flush Instructions | Tyler Tolman

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Choose to complete one of our cleanse programs – we know when you do, you won’t want to stop. The benefits you feel will make you want to sustain your new-found level of health for longer.


Cleanse your colon, cleanse your whole body, mind and spirit. The Egyptians referred to the colon as a River of Life OR a River of Death depending on what you float down your internal river (your colon). By doing this cleanse, you will clear blockages and your entire system: your River of Life. Tyler Tolman’s 4 Day Colon Cleanse will completely clean your colon, giving you an immediate boost to allow your body to absorb the essential nutrients from the food you eat. The colon is the largest tube in the body. Maintaining it has a profound effect on optimal health, vitality and longevity.

This colon cleanse is a gluten-free mixture of Organic Psyllium, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Chia Seeds, Bentonite Clay and Salt designed to rid the toxic residues that has built up in your colon over time. Mucoid plaque, when left in the colon, makes it difficult to absorb nutrients as it lines and clogs the digestive wall, causing backup, disease and sickness. Bentonite Clay effectively absorbs chemicals, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, aluminium, mercury, and other heavy toxic metals.

Eat the colon cleanse fibre blend every 2 hours, 5 times a day for 4 days. E.g: 8am, 10am, Noon, 2pm and 4pm. If you don’t feel up to this, choose a more gradual approach. Drink 1 litre of water with a pinch of salt (Himalayan) first thing in the morning, then eat the Colon Cleanse once a day, every morning for up to 28 days (or until the mixture runs out). Just like having oatmeal for breakfast.


After you’ve cleansed your system with Tyler Tolman’s 4 Day Colon Cleanse, you’re ready to begin the next stage of your cleanse. This consists of eating Pulse RAW FOOD for the remaining days of your program.

Pulse RAW FOOD is the tastiest, healthiest, and most complete blend of foods we believe you can eat. It not only continues to help cleanse your body, but it also feeds you all the essential nutrients that your body craves. Eat 1-2 bags of Pulse RAW FOOD each day. Graze all day in pinches and always chew thoroughly.

Don’t go hungry – if you’re having a hard time sticking to your cleanse, feel free to add fresh raw fruits and vegetables to your diet. But know it DOES get easier – after a few days, you will start to feel fantastic!

Pulse RAW FOOD comes in 3 flavours: Original, Mango and Chocolate.

Ingredients: Dates, Mango, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder, Agave Nectar, Buckwheat, Raisins, Prunes, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Figs, Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Millet, Quinoa, Strawberries, Blueberries, Salt, Grapeseed Oil, Walnut Oil, Beet Powder and made with LOVE and no artificial anything!

If you’re up for a challenge, we invite you to take part in a Tyler Tolman Cleanse. Choose one of the levels for your cleanse and follow the instructions. And why not try the FREE Detox and Nourish program or the Heal Thy Self Express Online program.

Choose a level for your cleanse - take it easy, go for it, or go hard! 

Place your program on the fridge (or somewhere else you can see it) and be sure to stick it out to the end – you will feel amazing!


Choose to take things nice and easy – especially if this is your first cleanse. Simply take Tyler Tolman’s Colon Cleanse first thing each morning (like breakfast) until the bag runs out. And then (the best part): incorporate delicious Pulse RAW FOOD into your normal diet – as snacks or meal replacements – whatever feels right for you. Then simply follow the Daily Rituals Guide.


Choose a higher level of commitment and complete Tyler Tolman’s 4 Day Colon Cleanse. Take servings of the Colon Cleanse 5 times a day for the first 4 days of your cleanse. 8am – 10am – Noon – 2pm – 4pm. Drink 1 litre of water with a pinch of salt (Himalayan) in between each 2 hour period. It is extremely important to stay hydrated! Replace all meals with Pulse; freshly squeezed juices; green smoothies and freshly prepared raw food. Then simply follow the Daily Rituals Guide.

You can continue to snack on Pulse RAW FOOD consistently throughout the day, making each bag last the entire day.

If you feel you need something else, snack on fruit and the occasional green salad, but don’t eat any cooked food and don’t add any store-bought dressings (instead, use extra virgin olive oil, salt, and lemon as your salad dressing). Pulse is awesome with a banana or an apple; or try some of our other recipe suggestions!


This option takes a high level of commitment and should only by attempted if you intend to see it through.

For maximum results, complete Tyler Tolman's 4 Day Colon Cleanse; then, from Day 5, introduce Pulse RAW FOOD as a snack which you can take consistently throughout the day. Make each bag last the entire day. Drink plenty of water for the remaining days of your program. Then simply follow the Daily Rituals Guide.

Do not drink coffee or any caffeine products, and start noticing the positive effects eating only Pulse RAW FOOD and drinking lots of water, has on your body. Become aware of what your body is telling you – it is, after all, the most intelligent thing you will ever own – so listen to it.


By doing a salt water flush at the end of the colon cleanse, it will assist with removing any fibre blend or toxic materials that may still be lodged in the colon. If you want to take part in Level 3, we recommend the salt flush, but please know: this is NOT compulsory and we strongly suggest consulting a physician or doing your own research prior to taking this level of cleansing. You can use fine Himalayan sea salt for this process and the instructions are below for those of you who choose to do one.

Instructions: Add 1 level tablespoon of the salt to 1 litre of room temperature water and drink it. Have additional glass of water close by to follow up. This is done ONCE only!

Please note: We strongly suggest that you are home and have sole access to a bathroom. It can be done at the end of the 4th day OR the morning of the 5th day – it’s your choice. This process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours – depending on how backed up you are. Again, this flush is OPTIONAL.


When you are ready to eat, try your Pulse RAW FOOD with organic yogurt, raw honey and a banana. Drink freshly squeezed juice. Create mono fruit or vegetable juice such as watermelon, carrot, apple, orange or pineapple or mix up a CABALAG: Carrot/Apple/Beetroot/Lemon/Ginger.

Make a green smoothie – here’s a great recipe: Blend up 2 bananas (peeled and frozen so it acts like ice – if not frozen add ice!) 1 apple or pear, ½ bunch of green spinach leaves, 1 stick of celery, 1 avocado, 1/4 cucumber, 4 dates (take the pits out) and 1½ cups of water to create the consistency you like.

Drink lots of fresh filtered water with a pinch of salt (Himalayan) throughout the day. Some days you may feel hungrier than others, so feel free to eat extra servings of Pulse. You will find, over the course of your program, this will even out.

Simply be conscious and observe what is going on with your body, your mind, and in your life; check you’re not dehydrated rather than hungry; and be aware of signs of emotional eating.