How to Colon Cleanse Safely With Digestive Issues
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How to Colon Cleanse Safely With Digestive Issues
Colon Cleansing with Digestive Issues

How to Colon Cleanse Safely With Digestive Issues

I am often approached by people who have digestive issues and wonder if it’s safe to do a colon cleanse

What About if I Have Blockages or Colon Damage?

Firstly, what I would say is if you have a digestive issue that includes any blockages then it is REALLY important to take it slow. Especially if there has been any damage to the colon. In fact, I always recommend people with major digestive issues to do the 30 day colon cleanse process rather than the 4 day process. Taking 1 or 2 tablespoons of the colon cleanse mix every day for 30 days is still going to bulk things up enough to get some really good cleansing going on for you. 

I would also highly recommend eating oatmeal every day. Get yourself some good quality organic oats – I like the steel cut oats but any kind that aren’t “instant oats” are great because they are less processed. Eating a bowl of oatmeal every day will add more good fibre into your system.  And buy yourself some mission figs – oh my god they taste so good! Figs or dates or prunes especially are great – they have very specific fibres and sugars that help the body’s natural digestive action to clean things out. If you want to boost up your protein intake you could add some hemp seeds to your oatmeal as well and if you want it a bit sweeter, add some honey.

Hydrating with Fruit

ANY fruit will be super hydrating to the digestive system. I typically recommend starting the day with fresh fruit first, even before you eat your oatmeal. Maybe even before you have your serve of colon cleanse, because the fruit will hydrate everything and get things “sliding” along and moving! 

Apples are going to be the best choice for digestive function. But ALL fruit will hydrate the digestive system, give you some good enzymes, clean some things out, ferment some things that aren’t meant to be there and just get everything to move along. 

If you can implement some form of intermittent fasting too that would be fantastic because it gives everything a break. So even if that just looks like waiting until 10am to have some fruit. Then have a serving of colon cleanse at 10.30-11am. 

To really amp things up you could do a serve of colon cleanse in the afternoon as well! If you don’t like the taste of the colon cleanse by itself then you could definitely put it into your oatmeal, it will just bulk it up. You probably won’t even notice the taste at all!

Why You Should Make Friends With Salad

During this cleansing process, if you can eat super plant based for the whole 30 days then that would definitely be really helpful. And if you could eat 100% RAW plant based then that would be even better! If you have ever seen some of the videos of the salads I have made – amazing! And just making these salads makes me feel so good; every time I am boosting up greens I feel strong. I can feel the extra energy and power!

If you feel like you need a snack in the afternoon – try things like carrot sticks and celery. Celery is a great broom for the digestive system. When you eat celery you’ve probably noticed you end up with this ball of fibre you are trying to swallow! If you can eat 2-3 sticks of celery then that’s like colon cleansing all by itself.

Fasting for Optimal Healing

If you are dealing with a major digestive issue like a twisted colon, once you finish up your 30 days of colon cleansing, then honestly healing is going to need to include some form of extended water fasting. I know lots of people have healed their digestive conditions, and typically it takes 20-30 days to have a complete healing. That length of water fasting can be pretty full on and I wouldn’t recommend anyone do that without someone with experience monitoring you, such as a Tolman Health Coach.

Without professional assistance I would recommend trying 10-15 days on a water fast and see how you go. If you can make time for that. Water fasting requires 100% commitment so you can’t be going to work, you need to put all your focus on your healing. Once you have done some water fasting, do equal that time with juices and you are probably going to be in a really good place. You can add in things like clear vegetable broths and herbal teas while you are juice fasting too!

Coffee Enemas for the Win!

Throughout this process, whether you are fasting or not, I recommend you do daily enemas – I like to do them in the morning. Coffee enemas are super healing. Doing them in the morning will wake you up and get you going! The coffee detoxifies your liver so you will feel really good. And the whites of your eyes clear up pretty quickly from doing coffee enemas. 

Just make sure you are using good, pristine, organic, fresh roasted coffee. Grind it yourself, brew it yourself and then use it in the enema straight away.The coffee is also going to stimulate the lining of the colon for healing and action and movement.

So my suggested protocol for colon cleansing with digestive issues would look like 30 days of 1-2 servings of colon cleanse, eating lots of (preferably raw) healthy food to just clean everything out and then going into a fast of 10-15 days on water and after that an equal amount of time on juice.

Once you have finished the fasting, break your fast with things like coconut yoghurt, berries and honey. Keeping it fresh with fruits! Keep that up for about a week then you can start incorporating some steamed vegetables and things like that. 

Then moving back into a healthier lifestyle is obviously ideal.

Thanks for reading!


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