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Coral has been committed to supporting & educating people all her life, including family, friends, fellow sporting peers, dancing, school or work. For the past 20 years she has voluntarily been teaching dance and running a Community Dance Group. Now in her twilight years and full of vitality, all around her are friends who are becoming frail, having hip and knee replacements, stents after heart attacks, By-pass surgery, autoimmune disorders and many types of cancer. Coral was made aware through Don and Tyler Tolman’s education since 2005, that these are all diet and lifestyle conditions and can be reversed, as many people have healed from these conditions. Coral feels it’s very important that their 7 Principles of Health Message become general knowledge for a healthier society. To this end, Coral has become a Tolman Health Coach (2021).

In a past life Coral was a hospital trained Nurse, Midwife, Infant Welfare Nurse. Having completed a Diploma in Hospital Nursing and a Degree in Community Health, Coral also became an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, though is now retired.

Coral came from an abusive home and choosing nursing was a positive thing for her. When she went into Midwifery it felt like ‘home’. In Midwifery Coral was able to assist and educate women so they could be more confident in becoming good mothers. After many years of working in the hospital system, where the medical model was taking over more and more, Coral moved to looking after Mothers and Babies in the home. It was in the homes she was made aware that the hospital care was, in many cases, not meeting the needs of the mothers and leaving them with many problems.
Gradually Coral was introduced to alternative care, and learnt meditation which she has practiced daily since 1992, as well as incorporating an Ayurvedic Assessment Coral changed to a vegetarian diet (1994), along with Reiki 1 & 2.

Following the 7 Principles of Health she has reduced her blood pressure of 195/96 to 130-140/60 without medication, and age (liver) spots on the hands and face have disappeared.

“My Goal is to educate, empower and guide people through their Journey to Health.”


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans

Praise for Coral Eden

Having professional eye photos taken and then worked through with me was very revealing about my current health and also showed improvements in areas I've noted in past years. Coral's attention to detail and knowledge was exceptional and I learned a lot and have a direction moving forward in the immediate future.

Jennifer R.

Coral Eden is a rare find, and thankfully found in health coaching. Apart from her well informed guidance and care, her inspiring and delightful commitment to go above and beyond with sharing and educating me, including personal experiences and practices, was really heartwarming, as really felt being in good hands. Thank you again Coral for your integrity, unique authenticity and clarity. Will definitely be booking with you again soon and referring you to my family and friends too. Much appreciation and respect for your great leading by example too. Blessings always , Bassima


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