Only Use Cosmetic Products If They're Safe Enough To Eat | Tyler Tolman
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Only Use Cosmetic Products If They’re Safe Enough To Eat
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Only Use Cosmetic Products If They’re Safe Enough To Eat

Chemicals In Your Blood From Cosmetic Products And Other Personal Care

Why would you want to eat cosmetic products you might ask? Well one saying my father and I live by and have shared for many, many years is if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Let me explain why.

What You Put On Your Skin Enters Your Bloodstream

Our skin provides an awesome barrier in many ways, like it keeps our internal fluids inside and stops bacteria and things of that nature from entering. But that doesn’t mean that it keeps everything out. In fact our skin is ‘cytophylactic’, meaning it actually allows things to come in AND it allows things to go out.

For example, if I were a smoker and I wanted to quit smoking, I could literally put a patch on my skin and it would put nicotine directly into my bloodstream – just from a simple sticker on my skin.

This example makes it quite obvious that a lot of what we’re putting onto our body is being absorbed into our bloodstream. So this is why I say, “If you can’t eat your cosmetic products, you shouldn’t put them on your body. Because if we’re putting carcinogenic chemicals on our skin then they’re getting absorbed into the body via the bloodstream.

Chemicals In Your Blood From Cosmetic Products And Other Personal Care

You can literally give any person on the street a blood and urine test, and 95% of the population would have over 50 chemical carcinogens in their blood. How? Well these things are coming from shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, cologne. All these different things that we’re putting on our body, are being absorbed in through the skin and polluting our internal environment.

So it’s about bringing in a new level of awareness. You wouldn’t eat your deodorant, would you? It’s toxic. You wouldn’t spray a perfume into your mouth. It’s toxic. You wouldn’t drink your shampoo, and conditioner, body gels and soaps and things of this nature because of all of the additives, colours etc that they contain and are known to be bad for human health. For example, sometimes these carcinogens cause mutagenic effects in the cells, this is what can lead to Cancer.

Why Not Make Personal Care Products For Your Body That Are So Healthy You Can Eat Them

For many years, we developed do-it-yourself personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body butters and toothpaste. And ALL of these products were completely edible. In fact, if you ate them you would probably have a good cleanse or even make you healthier!

If you want to start making your own care products at home it’s easy. I show you how in my Heal Thy Self @ HOME Online Program. You can also come join one of my Heal Thy Self Express Weekend Workshops where I show you how to make your own natural personal care products from scratch. Not only is it much safer, but it’ll save you loads of money too.

I think that this quote is really important, and if we can all really think about what we’re putting on to our bodies with the frame of mind of “would I eat this?” we’re all going to be a lot more healthier for it.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading!


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