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Diane Shalevski


Diane was first introduced to Tyler whilst battling her own personal health crisis in 2015. She had suffered for years from IBS, migraines, severe anaemia, constant bloating and impaired vision.

She personally achieved such great results by making many changes to her lifestyle and this fuelled an enormous passion for this natural healing pathway. She lost 40kgs, healed her eyesight, threw away her glasses and healed her IBS. She no longer suffers from migraines and has the vitality and energy that she believes everyone deserves to feel.

In May 2019, she underwent breast implant removal surgery ridding the remaining toxicity from her old life. She now coaches many women who are facing the same challenge, both on a physical and emotional level.

She believes your body has an innate and powerful ability to heal itself from any disease and with the right guidance anything is possible. Having healed her own chronic gut issues, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of the digestive system and the correct order in which detoxification needs to occur. She believes every single person is unique and therefore healing protocols require a tailored approach to detoxification, remineralisation and rejuvenation in order to restore balance.

Diane has had an enormous amount of success working as a Tolman Health Coach since 2018. She is a full time practitioner and operates from a clinic based in Carlton. She also works with many people online that are based all around the world. She has established her own personal brand, Renew Health Coaching, and is a speaker at many health events.

Over the past 4 years Diane has helped many people heal themselves from various chronic diseases ranging from digestive disorders like IBS and Crohn’s disease to autoimmune conditions like MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has also helped many people shed unwanted weight through various fasting and diet correction protocols, plus she has had much success helping people free themselves from anxiety and depression. 

Diane understands the importance of recognising emotional blockages that are contributing to your illness. She believes healing your heart is a vital step in your health journey. With her training in EFT therapy (tapping) she can work with you to help you release past trauma and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

In addition to being a qualified Health Coach, Certified Advanced Iridologist (member of International Iridology Practitioners Association IIPA), an EFT Practitioner and a proud educator in the Heal Thy Self community, she is also a trained Aromatherapist and a huge advocate for no-tox living. With her years of experience, she can help you use essential oils to support each body system, plus detox your entire home.


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