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Emma Bliss
Albany, WA


Emma’s journey of healing herself began when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and told that she was unlikely to have children. Already a firm believer in the healing powers of food, she began her own experiment. After changing her diet and lifestyle, and taking herself on two fasting retreats, she is now the proud mum of an incredible 9 year old boy.

Emma worked as a biology teacher, coach and mentor for over 20 years before her own health transformation inspired her to change tracks and become a Holistic Health Coach in 2016. She has completed further study in Plant Based Nutrition, Emotional Clearing, Gut Health, Hormone Health and is an IIPA Certified Iridologist. 

Along the way, Emma has also healed scarring from a breast biopsy, anxiety, insomnia, gut issues and successfully manages her brachial neuropathy using food as her medicine. She is familiar with that feeling of knowing that you’re just not 100%, but having nothing that can be ‘diagnosed’ by medical science. This is what excites her most about the power of iridology and sclerology as a means to look into the body and discover which areas are asking for some love.

Emma joined the Tyler Tolman Community as a coach in 2020 and describes it like finding her home. “All of the things that I have learned for myself and much, much more are here. Along with some great assessment tools and protocols, I have also found and amazing community of inspiring people. I am so grateful to become a part of this family”.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

Praise for Emma Bliss

I’m so happy to highly recommend Emma. She has so much empathy and a great listener so that I really felt she understood my health needs. I felt totally safe and comfortable to share my private life with her and was impressed with her knowledge about my particular health issues. She gave me some insight into my health problems and more importantly, enabled me to make choices that will benefit my long term health. Thanks Emma!

Annette L.

I had a consult with Emma last week and was most impressed with her knowledge, manner and understanding. We covered a broad spectrum of aspects of my health in our hour and a half consult and I am hoping to build on these and speak again with her in the near future. Emma is very down to earth and easy to get on with highly recommended 🙂

Anna B.

I found Emma to be confident & insightful during my irridology session. She made me feel comfortable & she catered her advice specifically to me by taking into account my personal situation & lifestyle. She left me feeling capable, confident & ready to embrace a healthier me. Thank you Emma

Tammy B.

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