Essential Oils | For Kids
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Essential Oils | For Kids

Essential Oils | For Kids

I’ve written before in another blog about the endless benefits of using essential oils. And these apply for our kids as well. But I guess the added benefit for using essential oils to help our kiddos is that you already have them on hand. No need to wait for a doctor’s appointment (for then a likely pharmaceutical prescription).

When our little ones are unwell, with the snuffles or a headache, or just feeling a bit restless at bedtime, as a parent, it’s nice to know that shelf-ful of natural remedies is at your fingertips to help ease and heal your child. 

Applying with Care

It is important to make sure you are aware of the best way to apply essential oils to kids though. While these precautions also apply to adults, children have more sensitive skin (and more so the younger they are), so you want to ensure you are being extra careful and safe. 

There are some essential oils that are considered ‘hot’, which due to their higher potency can cause a warm or hot sensation on the skin, with also the risk of burning* if not diluted correctly. These oils need to always be diluted and I would also highly recommend doing a patch test before use.

Some hot oils include peppermint, cinnamon, lemongrass and oregano. Young Living do a great job of putting child-proof caps on their hot essential oils, making them easy to identify.

*As we know from home economics, water and oil do not go together. If a hot or burning sensation arises, use another oil, such as olive oil or jojoba, to dilute the applied essential oil to help ease the burning feeling. 

When applying essential oils, another thing to consider is if they are ‘photosensitive’, causing our skin to be extra sensitive to the sun. It’s not to say you can use these oils at all, you’ll just need to stay out of the sun for a while (3-6 hours, some may require more time depending on skin sensitivity) after application. 

The main culprits of causing sun sensitivity are all the citrus essential oils; Lemon, Orange, Bergamot… Always check the labels to see if that oil, or oil blend requires you to avoid the sun for awhile.

Preparing for Application

With essential oils, whether we are diffusing them or applying them topically, they need to be diluted due to being highly concentrated. This is especially important for the little ones.

'Staple' Oils to Have on Hand

Kids are kids… while they are all unique in their own little ways, they all tend to go through the same stuff at some point. Here are some great essential oils to have on hand that can be used regularly, together, and for various reasons. 

Obviously, for all oils that are being applied topically these need to be diluted, so making these into rollerballs makes for easy application, but also easy for the kids to get involved and do it themselves (under supervision, of course). 

Lavender – A great calming oil to help send little ones to sleep. Diffuse or add it topically to the hands, feet and wrist. This oil is also great for bug bites.

Tea Tree – An antibacterial for all those cuts and scrapes on an active kid. Add topically to the site.

Young Living Thieves – An allrounder that supports the immune system for all the pesky germs kids attract. Apply under the feet for best absorption. Also, great diffused, as it neutralises and purifies the air from strong odours.

Eucalyptus – When the cold season hits this is great for the coughs and congestion, in fact it’s a great oil to use for respiratory health in general. Another great one to diffuse, and then the whole family can benefit, or apply it to the chest and feet (remember to dilute!). Also great to inhale through a steamer to help break up congestion.

Copaiba – This little gem, while it supports overall health and boosting the immune system, when used topically with any other oil, also helps to improve the absorption of oils through the skin, thereby improving their efficacy. And that’s what we want for our little ones when they are unwell, right? As mentioned before to use topically, it’s also great diffused to reap the many health benefits.

These are just a few of some great ‘staple’ essential oils to have around for the kids, but if you are ever in doubt about ensuring you are diluting correctly, Young Living actually has a whole product range of kids oils. This range includes some extremely useful essential oil blends that are already diluted appropriately for kids. 

Essential oils are such a beneficial natural healing tool for everybody, but how amazing is it to introduce this protocol to our kids while they are young. Not only because they will reap the rewards of these oils for their health (in multiple ways), but it’s a great education for them to carry on into their growing years. 

Thanks for reading!


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