Feeling Stuck Or Blocked In Life - Tips To Get Back In Flow
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Are You Feeling Stuck Or Blocked In Your Life?

Are You Feeling Stuck Or Blocked In Your Life?

Are you feeling stuck or blocked in life? Like things just aren’t flowing for you? Well, I’ve got some interesting information I want to share with you about that. I believe that there are universal principles that exist in nature and all around us. One of those universal principles is called the Law of Correspondence. It means “As above, so below” or “as within, so without”.

How To See What Is Making You Feel Blocked In Your Own Life

According to this principle whatever is happening inside us, is reflected in our life. If you’re congested internally, think about that in relation to what is happening in the external manifestation of your life? If you are feeling blocked inside how does that affect your relationships, your business, and everything you do.

And what if being blocked externally leads to being blocked internally? What if I have some real blockages in my relationships that create stress? What if that starts to affect my digestive system. I know a lot of women who have backed up digestive systems that I believe is related to what’s going on in their life. Basically, they’re stressed!  They need to relax. Techniques of breathing and starting meditation, yoga, or going for long walks can make a big difference in helping all of us to relax and open up.

Apply This Universal Principle To Unblock Your Digestion And Your Life

Imagine undergoing some form of detox to physically clear your body, and all of a sudden your relationships and other things became unclogged as well?  Well, I’m saying that is what is possible – if we start to approach our life in a multifaceted way. Then we can begin to see how we can unclog our relationships, stress, and external things and how we unclog and decongest ourselves internally.

By doing this you are working with The Law of Correspondence. “As above so below”. If your digestive system is blocked and becoming toxic and backing up and causing issues with the liver and everything else then that is going to affect how you show up in the world. Mentally we’re gonna feel more tired. People will be agitated easily and they are not gonna have much clarity, even memory is affected negatively.

I see this through my own personal experiences. When I do a 4 Day Colon Cleanse or even a short fast I feel like a cloud has been lifted off of my brain. I’m more ‘with it’ and more on top of things, I’m much more at peace and I notice my relationship goes much smoother.

How Do I Know If I’m Blocked Digestively?

If you eat a meal and don’t have a bowel movement within 45 minutes that means you are somewhat constipated. And I know many people out there are eating a meal and not having a bowel movement for 2 to 3 or even 4 days. Imagine the level of constipation happening in most people?!  What if War, fights and so much of our human experience of negativity is a sign of what’s going on internally?  Well if that’s the case, this world needs an Enema 😉

I’d advise the best approach is to start with a level of detoxification and cleansing within yourself internally. Start looking at how you can improve your life externally as well. By doing this you’ll start to notice you feel a little more in flow, a little happier, experience a little more joy, clarity and vitality. I’d love it if you signed up for my free Free Resources. There’s heaps of information not only about fasting but relationships as well, finding your passion and how to live a happy satisfied life.

Try it on and see how it fits 😉

Thanks for reading!


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