Frankincense Oil Benefits In The Treatment Of Cancer
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Frankincense Oil Benefits in the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer
frankincense oil cancer treatment

Frankincense Oil Benefits in the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer

I’ve recently really being getting into all the research that is available on frankincense oil benefits in the treatment of cancer. It’s amazing what is coming out of the scientific papers at the moment.

Most people know frankincense oil as an aromatic resin that was given to Jesus at his birth by the three wise men, but don’t realise just how practical this gift was as the properties of frankincense go far beyond being something that smells good.

Frankincense actually has amazing immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to be effective against even cancer. I’ve actually been using one drop of frankincense in the water of my clients who have cancer when they come to my Heal Thy Self program here in Bali.

Frankincense Oil To Prevent And Treat Cancer

So now the scientific world has cottoned on to the power of frankincense oil (boswellia serrata) and it’s being used in a number of research trials to test it’s effectiveness in both treating and preventing cancer. Medical journals like Carcinogenesis and PLoS One have published research papers proving the cancer fighting properties of frankincense oil.

During one recent study on ovarian cancer from the University of Leicester researchers discovered one of the cancer-killing properties of frankincense. It’s called the AKBA compound and after a year of research was shown to effective at killing the cancer cells.

The best part is that the patients taking frankincense oil had no side effects that other cancer treatments have. The AKBA compound has also proven to be beneficial in treating stomach, brain, breast and pancreatic cancers.

Baylor University Medical Centre found a key property that makes frankincense so effective is that is regulates cells on an epigenetic level – epigenetic means how the genes express themselves in response to their environment.

In this case it means that the frankincense oil influences the genes to promote healing. The potency of frankincense oil is so great the scientists said it’s viable to work both as cancer prevention and treatment, plus it helps magnify the benefits of other natural cancer treatment plans.

Frankincense is a super booster of the immune system. To get technical is stimulates IgG, IgM, cytokines and T-cells which basically puts the body in a state of amazing first line defence to protect the body.

Researchers Urging For The Use Of Frankincense Oil To Be Offered As A Treatment Option For Cancer Patients

Considering the side effects so many patients experience during other cancer treatment methods the fact that frankincense oil provides benefits without side effects is really positive news. The researchers behind these studies are pushing for frankincense oil to be offered as a complement to other treatments in mainstream medicine.

I’ve added a few sources below to back up what I’ve been sharing here. Let’s let everyone know about powerful this treatment can be for cancer, the science is there people!


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