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How To Remove Body Odor Naturally Through Health And Diet

Welcome to this week's episode of Tyler Talks! On this episode, I will be discussing the issue of how to remove body odor or excessive sweating, stinky sweat, and how it all relates to your health and diet.

Excessive and/or stinky sweat can not only be uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing. It's hard to go out places and have a good time when this is the sort of issue you have to deal with. Many different deodorants pop up claiming to prevent these popular problems, but many are still ineffective. Furthermore, deodorant can actually be bad for your body, as its primary purpose is to smother the eccrine sweat glands.

Here's a newsflash for you: We are meant to sweat, and we are meant to sweat for a reason!

The reason we sweat is to eliminate toxins-it's a naturally bodily process that is good for us. Now, when our sweat appears to stink, that's usually indicative of something to do with our diet. Ever been around somebody who's had a heavy night of drinking the day before, and despite them trying to mask themselves with deodorant, they still smell? Well, that's because sweat itself doesn't actually smell. In fact, it's nearly odourless.

What does smell is the bacteria that breaks down different types of sweat on your skin. When you consume a pungent substance, such as alcohol, your body attempts to get rid of the toxins through sweat, and other channels (such as urination); so it's important to recognise the difference between sweat and stench.

On this week's episode, I'll discuss how diet plays a role in both sweat and stench, and the sorts of things you can do to reduce both. As with most things in our bodies, our health on the inside has an impact on what we look like on the outside.

I hope you enjoy this interesting video!


Feeling inspired?

Great, now’s the time to take action and start creating a real health transformation today.

Feeling inspired?

Great, now’s the time to take action and start creating a real health transformation today.

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