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Can I Mix Fruit And Vegetable Juice On My Fast?

I get a lot of questions from people  about if they should stick to just fruit juice, or just vegetable juice, or whether they can be mixed. If you ask me if it’s ok to mix fruit and vegetable juice, my answer is absolutely yes!

Why The Difference In Fibers Is Important?

I understand why some people may have these thoughts. The natural laws of food combining tell us that it’s better to eat fruit alone. This is true when you’re looking at the whole food, but juicing is a different case.

Basically, when we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, we know that there is a difference in digestion time. Fruit digests pretty quickly, and can start fermenting other foods that have a slower digestive time. For example, the tougher vegetable fibres which need more time to be broken down.

When we cold-press juices, we eliminate the fibres amongst other things. Now all those phytochemicals that we can find in fresh fruits and vegetables mix and match so that they expose beautiful qualities that promote health in our bodies. What is even more, these components are all digested similarly. You can imagine the difference without having the harder fibers that can be found in broccoli, for instance, as opposed to watermelon or mango.

Become An Alchemist With Your Fruit And Vegetable Juice

I truly believe that you can mix and match fruits and vegetables. Make it fun and feel free to experiment with a variety of combinations. Let’s say you want to mix watermelon and broccoli. Try it out, and if you have some weird reaction going on after drinking it, then I guess you won’t have that mix again!

In general, I’d say that some of the sweeter types of fruits complement some of the non-sweet vegetables really well. What I’ve experienced so far is that you can try out so many different kinds of recipes, get fantastic results, and very often without having any digestive issues.

I would really like to recommend a juice called Cabala. You will need carrots, three different colors of apples, beet, and lemon. If you wish, you can add some fresh ginger as well.

Great juices don’t always require a whole variety of ingredients either. Mono juices like straight up orange juice or carrot juice are great. The point is to go with your taste, choose the combinations you love and ENJOY.

If you need any support during your juice fast, check out our Bali Self-Care Adventure or you can visit my FREE Online Juice Fast program where there’s loads of tips and recipes!

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Feeling inspired?

Great, now’s the time to take action and start creating a real health transformation today.

Feeling inspired?

Great, now’s the time to take action and start creating a real health transformation today.

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