(New) Set Yourself on the Path to Optimal Health: knowledge to Transform You in 28 days:
6 - 8 OCT Sydney ENROL NOW
13 - 15 Oct Melbourne ENROL NOW
Sick And Tired Of All The Confusing Information Out There About What Is Ultimately Best For YOUR Health...
“The single most important aspect that I am grateful for is the newly formed habits that make up the lifestyle I now live. It is life-long change and not just a diet fad.”
~ Joe Rooca
*Results may vary from person to person
Joe Rooca
If you're Waiting For The Right Opportunity To
Finally Take Back Control Of Your Health And Your Life... Now Is Your Time!

If your health and wellbeing is not where it should be, or if you're feeling out of control, overwhelmed and even sick, don’t despair, the chances are you’re probably being lied to, convinced and persuaded to live in a way that your body was not designed for.

Are you...

So... the good news here is, the power to change this is in your hands! What I suspect you have been waiting for is the right education and support to help you transition back to how your were born to live and thrive.

Heal Thy Self Express “Weekend Workshop”

Be immersed with Tyler Tolman for an intensive and interactive 3 days, packed full of practical and profound wisdom that you will take home and begin to action straight away!

You’ll experience the “Tolman Philosophy” in an interactive way that’s only possible face to face, and be able to start implementing the Tolman methodology for Divine Health during this workshop and continue as soon as you get home!

The Heal Thy Self Express “Weekend Workshop” has been specifically designed using industry leading “quantum learning” principles to ensure that everything you learn will easily translate into powerful action in your life.

Over this transformative long weekend...

You’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know to avoid disease and live a long, happy and healthy life. If you action just a fraction of what you will learn, you’ll experience the vital life force of your body and spirit in a whole new way.

You’ll be immersed in an amazing opportunity to connect in with the people in your own community who are sharing this journey to True Health and Wellbeing.

You’ll get guidance, feedback and accountability from Tyler and his team, as well as the wider Heal Thy Self Express Community, giving you the structure and the tools you’ll need to create massive positive change in your health and happiness.

What You Can Expect From Heal Thy Self

If you would like to…

Join Tyler Tolman, Chef Cynthia Louise and the Conscious Lifestyler team for an inspiring and transformational weekend.

Program Outline

The Heal Thy Self Express Weekend Workshop is an event unlike any other, built fresh from the ground up to revolutionize your health!

You’ll experience 3 full days of teachings, wisdom downloads, learning activities, group exercises and mini workshops, all carefully designed to get you on track to Divine Health. This insightful and transformative long weekend workshop includes:

Your Next Steps

If you know that a healing, fun, regenerative, interactive workshop experience is
what you need in your life right now, then take action today to secure your spot.

The Heal Thyself Express has limited spaces
and is only offered a few times throughout the year.

Upcoming locations and dates for this workshop:

6 - 8 OCT Sydney
13 - 15 Oct Melbourne

To make the program even more available we offer you a range of options. Receive a 10% discount when pay in full upfront, or choose to spread the cost over two payments.


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OR CHOOSE THE Heal Thy Self Journey

The Heal Thy Self Journey

The Heal Thy Self Express Weekend Workshop is fantastic! It gives you all the essential tools and resources you need to completely redesign and transform your life. In fact, some of the most profound transformations have come from our weekend workshops.

But what makes those transformations actually possible? Committed and consistent action.. Support from a like minded community sharing their experiences.. Ongoing guidance and support from a mentor.. Because the knowledge you gain from a 3 day workshop is only the first step, having ongoing guidance + support is where the real magic happenes.

So if you’re inspired by the above, you’re going to love the Heal Thy Self Journey ...

The Heal Thy Self Journey is a comprehensive, full support 12 month health program designed specifically to support you in all the ways you need most to achieve the Divine Health and Wellbeing you truly deserve. We have combined three amazing Tyler Tolman offerings into one complete package.

What Do I get On My Heal Thy Self Journey?

Heal Thy Self Express

A transformational 3 day weekend workshop that will give you all the knowledge, wisdom, tools and tips you need to completely redesign and transform your life for optimal health and wellbeing.

The Heal Thy Self @HOME

A 13 week home study course that will both support your preparation for the 3 day workshop so you get the maximum possible value from your time there, and assist your ongoing learning and development after you go home.

12 months Group Coaching

12 months of Group Coaching with Tyler needs no explanation. The motivation, direction and momentum you'll experience by having access to this forum where you can get all your questions answered as well as be a part of an intimate group of like minded healthy peeps for a whole year.. Is invaluable!

Heal Thy Self Journey – Special Bundle Price
Heal Thy Self JOURNEY
USD $2590

*Balance of payment due 45 days
prior to the start of the workshop

Heal Thy Self JOURNEY

Receive a $300 discount
for payment in full

What’s Included