How To Heal Hemorrhoids | Natural Healing Remedies
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How To Heal Hemorrhoids | Natural Healing Remedies

How To Heal Hemorrhoids | Natural Healing Remedies

When it comes to hemorrhoids, this is something that happens when there is weakness in the muscle, excess build up of stress or acids that causes the sudden expansion of the muscle.

As with healing any condition, it’s important to understand what caused the condition in the first place. 

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Typically, the reason why hemorrhoids form is lack of fibre, lack of hydration or the accumulation of some form of toxicity, which can also be from stress. 

I believe, that hemorrhoids are formed through the process of pushing. When we sit on the toilet, give a good push, and then some muscles that may be a little bit weak or some issue going on, start to expand causing the hemorrhoids to develop.

Hemmorrhoids Treatment: Natural Healing Protocols

A couple really good remedies, that I actually use a lot, is Frankincense Essential Oil and Myrrh Essential Oil. I mix these oils together creating a super powerful compound.

There is a lot of science about these two essential oils and their ability to activate the immune system, radically reduce inflammation and bring about a situation of healing…awesome stuff.

There’s also a lot of cancer research showing that it causes cancer cell death, called apoptosis. It’s been used in breast cancer, and other types of cancer. I use these oils with clients, taking the oils internally and also applying topically in the location where they have potentially had cancer. 

What you would do with the Frankincense and Myrrh is mix it with a carrier oil, such as grapeseed oil, olive oil or coconut oil, not watering down the essential oils too much. Then you want to take the oil on your fingers and massage the hemorrhoid, pressing firmly. The muscle needs to go back into place.

Whether they are internal or external, you really want to consistently put the oil on it everyday, maybe while in the shower or just afterwards. Applying a good amount of pressure may hurt a little bit, but you really want to get those muscles back to place. 

I recommend hot baths. I also recommend ice baths, because an ice bath reduces inflammation due to the cold. If you don’t have a bath, you could apply ice or an ice pack directly to the hemorrhoid (if you can reach the location).

Healing from the Inside

Then you need to be aware of is fibre. I suggest going into a high hydration and high fibre diet, because there may be some dehydration going on. Along with not enough fibre from cooked, processed and other types of foods, that is going to prevent further hemorrhoids. In fact, once your digestive system is moving easily, it’s probably going to fix the problem as well. 

There’s also going to be a process of learning how to poo. Being in Bali, Indonesia you may know that Balinese toilets are on the ground. And that’s the way we should go to the toilet. We shouldn’t be pushing, we should be squatting. So from standing, to poo you fully sit, bending at the knees to squat with your knees up close to the body.  

That opens everything up and allows for the poo to just happen.

So I have been squatting, like Balinese people. If you notice all the Balinese, they are all skinny even though they don’t have the best diet. Most of them are really trim because they know how to poo, eliminate and they are walking around a lot. I put it down to knowing how to defecate effectively. 

When you sit down on a toilet, there is actually a band of a muscle that blocks the rectum to some degree, and that can cause constipation. It could be the blocking of this muscle, little bit of constipation already, a little bit of dehydration, not enough fibre causing these muscles to balloon out, causing the hemorrhoids. 

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