How do you know if you have healthy liver function? | Tyler Tolman
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How do you know if you have healthy liver function?
liver function

How do you know if you have healthy liver function?

Liver conditions are relatively common, and most people have no idea that they actually have a problem. So today I want to discuss a few things that may show up if you have a liver issue.

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Here are some things to look out for…

#1 Jaundice – Jaundice is when the skin turns a little bit yellow. If you look in a mirror at inside of your eyes, you’ll see patches of yellow starting to accumulate in the whites of your eyes. This means you’re either eating too much fat or you have a liver functioning issue, and this is causing the yellow bits to show up.

#2 Fatigue, brain fog, bad memory – Another big thing that typically shows up when you have a liver issue is some form of fatigue or brain fog. You might even have a bad memory. This is definitely a sign of something going on with the liver.

#3 Bleeding – The liver produces substances that help blood to clot. When you have a liver issue, you’ll tend to have more nose bleeds or even gums that bleed when you’re brushing your teeth.

#4 Fluid retention – Another big one is when you get swelling in the abdomen and you start to retain fluid. It’s called edema, and is often caused by excess toxicity in the liver.

So if you’re experiencing any one of these symptoms, there are a few simple things you can do to cleanse and support your liver.

How to heal your liver

1) Clean your digestive system


First and foremost, cleaning out the digestive system is the main way that the liver can detox, so I highly recommend doing a Colon Cleanse.

I have a four day process of doing a colon cleanse that’s going to allow the liver to detox at its most optimal rate.

2) Build your blood

Another thing is building your blood. Most people know that greens are really good for your liver, especially bitter greens and sprouts.

I’ve got a simple product, called Greens, made from alfalfa, wheat grass and barley grass. It contains every nutrient literally known to man: B12, vitamin D3, vitamin K and all the things that people are generally lacking.

Just popping that into some water and drinking it daily will build up your blood and is fantastic for your liver.

3) Detox and tone

Another really amazing whole food is lemon. Lemons grow year round and I believe they grow year round for a reason. They’re one of the best foods to really detoxify, tone and build your liver which is going to give you more energy and more mental clarity. It’s going to get rid of that fatigue, the edema and swelling.

So those are a few tips of some things you can do to heal your liver physically.

I would also recommend looking at the energetic side of it.

4) Check your emotions

If you’re holding on to anger and resentment and you’re frustrated, these emotional things are what get stored in the liver.

A client of mine named Dan Gardener, came to one of my fasting programs because he was diagnosed with stage four colon and liver cancer. He literally had a tumor the size of a golf ball.

He did some extended fasting and then followed a whole series of protocols similar to the greens and the lemon, and worked on getting rid of anger and the deep resentment.

Literally eight months later, he was found to have zero cancer in his body. The golf ball size tumor completely shrank. He completely healed himself (watch his full story here).

So if Dan Gardener can heal himself of stage four liver cancer, I’m pretty sure whatever issue you’re dealing with can be dealt with in a really positive way.

I run workshops and programs teaching people how to really connect with this emotional stuff and help to clear it out.

If this interests you, maybe share this with a friend. And take action straight away with some greens, some colon cleansing, some lemons, and maybe screaming out some of that anger 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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