How to Better Yourself and Transform Your Health
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How to Better Yourself and Transform Your Health

How to Better Yourself and Transform Your Health

There is an ancient philosophy about the process of how to better yourself or oneself, my father shared this with me from a young age, “gnosis, praxis, entelechus”. Basically it translates as: “To Know, To Do, To Become”. It’s describing a process of evolution, of taking knowledge and putting it into action.

You see, when you have your own personal experience, the insights you gain will allow you to see things with new eyes. A transformation occurs. This puts you in a position to be ready for the next level of knowledge.

Real Wisdom Doesn’t Come From A Book

The practical application of knowledge into your life is what leads to wisdom. Wisdom is something personal to each of us and cannot be passed on by words alone. Wisdom is the “entelechus” or the ‘becoming’. You become that, which you know, through practice. But it doesn’t finish there.

The cool thing about ‘becoming that which you know’ is, in that very process of transformation typically the next level of knowledge will show up. You’ll see something new you hadn’t seen before, then you practice that, and you become it. And so it goes, a constant cycle. To know, to do, and to become. It’s evolution in process and progress.

When Learning Becomes A Problem

I think that a lot of times people get caught up in just learning through books, YouTube, teachers, etc. Constant learning. But many people never actually put into practice consistently that which they’re learning. This is like always eating and never digesting or assimilating your food.

So it’s a very profound principle and this is how I design my programs and how I would like you to use the resources on my website.

I have the free content, the articles, the webinars. The ‘gnosis’ part is there to inspire you to go for the experience. Do the Colon Cleanse, do the free Online Juice Fast, or one of my programs. Have these experiences that set habits that will bring about the greatest evolution over time. They have been designed for you to go into the practise. And through these experiences you are transformed and ultimately ready for the next cycle.

These experiences and this evolution is the exciting part of being human.

What I’m saying here, is that to know if something truly works for you, you have to go through that process of trying it on. Practicing and working out the bumps and things that don’t work. Then you are left with with the things that are your truth.

Here’s How To Evolve

Taking action requires effort and I know a lot of times people can never make that jump. So here’s what to do to make it easy for yourself.

Start by giving yourself a little bit of knowledge, read a few articles that interest you and watch a webinar. Then start to apply what you’ve learnt in your daily life during the week. Have the experience of cleaning up your lifestyle, cleansing the digestive system by doing a short juice fast or a colon cleanse.

Then you can try another little step.

Eating some raw foods, or creating some recipes, or learning about the preservatives and artificial ingredients in food to avoid. Really getting all this knowledge in little bite size pieces, is the key. So that no matter if you’re working full time, or taking care of your kids, you can allow a little period of time every week and take it to that next level. Of course a great thing is to share what you’ve learnt with your colleagues and friends and family and get them to practise with you.

What happens, over even say a few months, is that you’ve made a massive transformation in your life towards your lifestyle, your health, and your knowledge of things going on in the world.

You’ll see nuggets of wisdom and light shine in places that maybe it hasn’t shone before.

Ok, so you ready to be transformed right? Then I hope I’ve inspired you to take action 😉 Do a Colon CleanseOnline Juice Fast or a program, and then let me know how you go on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!


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