How To Build Muscle Fast Naturally And With No Side Affects
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How To Build Muscle Naturally With No Side Effects
build muscle naturally

How To Build Muscle Naturally With No Side Effects

A lot of people want to know how to build muscle fast, naturally without meat and protein powders.

It’s definitely a mainstream idea that to build muscle you need to have a high protein diet using meat and protein powders to really get results.

But now there are a lot of vegan bodybuilders doing it without using concentrated types of supplemental proteins like whey protein powder and meat.

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Protein Assimilation 101: How The Body Digests Protein And Builds Muscle

We really need to talk about where protein comes from and how the body builds muscle.

Your body requires a certain amount of amino acids that are literally like building blocks. The body puts these building blocks together in very specific ways with enzymes to build lean muscle mass and to repair and regenerate any old tissue.

If I go and kill an animal and eat its dead body, it has all the protein in there. However these proteins are already fully built to work for that animal, not for my body. So a massive amount of energy has to go into breaking up these proteins to get them back to the building block stage where I can use them.

This is why eating meat is so taxing on the body.

Eating a steak, takes lots of energy to break down to the essential amino acids. When eating meat, there is no fibre, no electrical life force and is low in vitamins.

Really? Just eating it for the proteins?

So much energy goes into digesting it for little nutritional return and unless you’re packing in a lot of fibre with it, eventually you are going to have major digestive issues and chronic fatigue.

Plant Based Protein Is The Most Bioavailable

Nearly all plant based foods contain all the amino acid building blocks ready for you to use straight away, because whole foods come with the necessary enzymes needed to break these proteins down.

I would go as far to say (and can be hugely controversial) but I think every plant food on the planet contains all of the essential amino acids – an orange, a banana and apple, any types of vegetable, any type of nut, seed, grain that exists. It’s just that sometimes they will be small amounts, but it’s there.

Then if you are eating a diet super high in these fresh foods, all those small amounts add up. A chimpanzee doesn’t eat just one banana! They eat a whole bunch! And they are strong and energetic. As long as you satiate your caloric hunger you will get more than enough protein.

Dr. T Colin Campbell and Cornell University have recently confirmed this.

Plant Amino Acids

The Vegan Body Builders Secret Weapon

One of my favourite ways to get a great intake of plant based amino acids is through nut milk and nut yoghurts. When you soak your nuts and seeds it makes the protein much more bio-available. Almonds, walnuts, sesame, sunflower seeds or flax seeds are all great. Basically any nut that has a brown coating.

You can make these into nut milks simply by soaking overnight and blending with 1 part nuts to 4 parts water.  If you have a really good blender it makes a beautiful nut milk which is free flowing with amino acids, literally ready to be used by the body straight away.

I make a shake with nut milk, Greens and some fruit that I call Gorilla Milk.

To make nut yogurt, you use the leftover nut pulp and put it in a bowl with a plant based probiotic. Cover with a cloth and let it sit for four or five hours and you’re done!

What happens here is you have these little bacteria probiotics that come in and literally consume the proteins that are there. They break these down to their essential amino acids for an even better hit.

Protein Alone Doesn’t Build Muscle

What builds the muscles is exerting the muscles in lifting weights and pushing against your own body weight.

When your body has been satiated with the free form amino acids, all you have to do is go out and push, lift weights, or work with a personal trainer and I promise you, you will have all of the protein and all the amino acids you need to put on just as much muscle as a meat-eater.

If you start to look at the vegan body builders out there, they look just as good as these other guys (better in my opinion). When you talk to them or look at their lifestyle, they have lot more energy. You can look in their eyes and see that they have a higher level of health.

The eyes are the gateway to what is happening internally. When you look at someone that has nice white looking eyes that means the lymphatic fluids are moving and everything in the body is balanced and healthy.

FACT: Cultures eating the most meat and the most protein are the sickest, they have the highest rates of cancer and other disease, highest rates of all these different things that we are wanting to avoid. Plant based proteins are the way to go if you want to build muscle fast and be bursting with energy.

Just look at the countries with the highest rates and lowest rates of cancer, then find a different place that shows stats of Meat Consumption Per Person Per Capita… You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together.

Country Rankings

Meat Consumption

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