How To Get Healthy Hair - Reversing Greyness Through Diet
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How To Get Healthy Hair – Reversing Greyness Through Diet

How To Get Healthy Hair – Reversing Greyness Through Diet

Hello out there!

Topic for discussion is whether you can reverse grey hair from eating a healthy diet. I believe yes you can! That is the first step If you believe it, it can be done 🙂

Grey At Fifty To Natural Dark Hair At Seventy

I highly recommend looking Anne Wigmore as a starting example. When Anne Wigmore was in her 50’s she had a full head grey hair and all kinds of health problems going on. She learned about this thing called “health” and started having things like wheatgrass shots and juicing every day. Basically a whole new lifestyle. She had gotten rid of all her chronic issues and problems and started traveling around the world educating people how to get healthy.

And guess what, her grey started reversing. At 50 she had a full head of grey hair, at 75 she had a full head of natural dark hair. So I believe it can be done because this is a true story and I’ve seen others do it.

Is Coffee Causing You To Be A Silver Fox?

A while back I began to notice that I was starting to get that silver fox greyness going on and decided maybe I need to change thing around. When I looked at the Ann Wigmore story I realised I don’t really wanna be grey. It doesn’t bug me a lot but it’s like well if i’m going to be a health guru I should probably not have grey hair!!

I will admit that I used to be a coffee fiend. I used to have 1 cup of organic coffee in the morning so it wasn’t a big deal, but I believe that coffee does create acidity within the body and I believe when we have coffee and things like that then we crave other foods that are also acidic.

I started having wheatgrass shots every morning instead of coffee and drinking green juices and citrus juices. A great way to modify your diet is to focus on adding things in, rather than focusing on what you want to cut out. It just took a little switch to be like hey lets go get a wheatgrass shot or green juice in the morning rather than going out for a coffee.

With just this change alone I noticed some of the grey hair started to vanish. Based on my experience I think the focus should be on keeping an alkaline lifestyle. To see if you’re alkaline you can simply buy a pH strip test and pee on them. If your urine is alkaline you should be between 7 and 7.5 or even a little higher. I believe if you can maintain an alkaline state over a long period of time your going to do things like reverse grey hair, reverse symptoms from being basically acidic.

How To Alkalise Your Body To Reverse Greying Hair

A great alkaliser is to add a little bicarbonate soda to your water. I put 1-2 teaspoons in a litre of water and drink it down. A couple of pinches of natural salts in water is great too. Natural salt has around 84 minerals that our body requires to be healthy. Here’s a cool story for you about salt and Disney. The fairytale Snow White and Seven Dwarfs is really about salts! Snow White was the actual salt and the seven dwarfs were mining the salt. One was sneezy, one was sleepy, one was this, one was that. It was a sign that there were different cell salts that would actually help you heal the sneezy, the sleepy, the gloomy and doomy the angry and all these types of things. Really interesting messages from Disney, so yep add some salt to your water sometimes, so many benefits.

So we can reverse that grey effect. Basically it comes down to keeping an alkaline diet, hydrating yourself and maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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