How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally And Have The Best Skin Ever
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How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally And Have The Best Skin Ever
How to get rid of acne naturally

How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally And Have The Best Skin Ever

I get a lot of people asking me how to get rid of acne naturally. They want to have smooth glowing skin again and I totally understand that.

I notice that more and more people are suffering with acne as adults now, not just teenagers. Interesting huh? So I think it’s really important to get to the root cause of the acne and clean it up from there.

What’s The Cause Behind Acne And Why Face Creams Don’t Work Long Term

Acne is not just random, and it’s not just your skin getting clogged. It has everything to do with the internal environment and is like a light flashing on the dashboard!! Unfortunately a bit of an embarrassing one.

If you do have pimples make sure you know that there is a difference between the types of spots. A papule is a hard lump with no top to pop. Touching these makes them worse and leads to a pimple. Avoid touching them at all. Pimples have the white pus at the top (aka: toxins).

The safe way to remove the toxins is to use a warm face cloth, place over the area then get 2 cotton tips, gently squeeze to remove the pus. NOTE: at the first sight of blood STOP so you don’t scar yourself! Then apply lavender essential oil to the area to assist with the healing process. I also highly recommend you do a cleanse, and clean up your everyday diet!

I know out of desperation many people try chemical cosmetic acne creams, but these don’t address the source of the ance. Even worse they often contain a whole host of chemicals which are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, placing more stress on your system and potentially more acne!

The thing to understand is that acne won’t go away just by buying some cream or popping it. The deeper source of the problem is really your internal environment. The cure to all of this is to clean out your insides, all your organs, your blood, your whole system and it will go away.

And it’s not just acne that is a sign your insides need a clean up. Wrinkles, lines, darkness, bags, paleness, rashes, dry skin, big pores and cold sores are all signs of something else going on inside of you that needs some attention.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally And Solve The Root Cause

If you want to be optimally healthy, attractive and beautiful then stop just looking outside yourself. Everything is connected, and this is a chart to help you understand what is going on inside your body.


The best news is that no matter which part of your body is crying out for help on your face, fasting helps heal it all. There is no need to do a specific cleanse for each body part.

The even better news, is that skin problems are one of the first conditions to clear up when doing a juice fast. Every time I take 30 people on a 7-10 day juice fast they literally look brighter and tighter in the face. Their skin is just glowing. Not to mention their personality and outlook on life are different as well.

It’s not to say it’s a quick fix though. It’s about regular cleaning and maintenance of your body. During a juice fast you’ll definitely see some improvement, but if your acne has been caused by years of constipation (and it was trying to eliminate waste through your skin) then you’ll probably need to do a few rounds of colon cleansing and fasting to address that.

Similarly if you were eating a junk food diet and living off coffee and stress then you’ll need to incorporate some new lifestyle changes to keep your skin healthy.

My Top Recommendations To Heal Acne

Not only does it show you how to do a juice fast but it’s full of really valuable lifestyle recommendations – breathing properly to oxygenate your body and de-stress, drinking enough water to hydrate every cell, exercising to get your blood pumping to all your organs, exercises to balance your hormones, how to find your passion and make goals and how to create relationships that nourish you.

As mentioned above I also recommend you do a 4 Day Colon Cleanse, since your skin health is so closely related to your colon health.

Lastly just want to add that Markus Rothkranz has an amazing book called “Heal your Face” and inspires many people in this way as well. If you don’t believe this works, just look at him… He’s 50+ years young.

Feel free to share this with someone who needs it as well. Anyone who has acne is always wanting to find a solution that really works.

Thanks for reading!


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