How to Identify and Heal Kidney Issues
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How to Identify and Heal Kidney Issues
Heal Kidney Issues

How to Identify and Heal Kidney Issues

So how do we know if there is something wrong with our kidneys? I use something called reflexology, where you can actually see signs in the face when there’s something going wrong in different parts of the body. These are called reflex signs and when things like acne or rashes or eczema appear on our face, we can use a face glyph as a map to see which organ or part of the body is involved.

For example, the chin represents the reproductive system, the cheeks are the stomach, and just around the eyes is where our face shows us the state of our kidneys. So if somebody has bags under their eyes, really deep cut lines or they have a lot of darkness all the way around the eyes, that’s typically showing that there’s something going wrong with the kidneys.

What do the kidneys do? What are they?

Well, they are filters, specifically for your blood. When they filter the blood, they remove wastes and also control the body’s fluid balance and keep the right levels of electrolytes in the body. Basically, the body releases excess acids called uric acid from the kidneys into the bladder, and then you urinate that uric acid out.

Causes of Kidney Problems

1. Too much acidity

So one big thing that’s going to cause issues with the kidneys is if you have too much uric acid in your body.

What develops acids in the body? This is where your bad lifestyle comes into play. Perhaps you’re drinking alcohol, eating a lot of processed foods and not exercising or sweating a whole lot. Maybe your digestive system is backed up, so your body is not eliminating very well. These types of things all create excess acids in the body that then have to be filtered through the kidneys.

2. Dehydration

One of the better things you can do is to make sure you’re hydrated properly. There’s a water scientist named Dr. Batmanghelidj who wrote a book called “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty”. One really good thing that comes out of that is he says to drink one litre of water per 22kg of body weight per day.

I’m about 80kg, so I should be drinking a minimum of around three and a half to four litres of fluid a day to make sure I’m not building up too much acid, and my body can filter things out efficiently. So have a look at the amount of water you’re drinking and make sure you’re drinking enough.

I would also recommend eating foods that are alkalizing to counterbalance the acids. This means greens, fruit and vegetables. They will alkalize your body and help prevent excess acids being a burden on your kidneys.

3. Too much Protein

The next biggest thing that is a major congestion factor for the kidneys is excess protein. Everyone I’ve ever worked with who came to one of my programs and was near kidney failure, had blood tests done. The thing to look for is called Creatinine, which is a blood marker that shows the state of your kidneys.

If it’s really high, it’s showing that you’re potentially close to kidney failure. These people end up on dialysis and some even have to have a kidney removed.

Every single time I’ve dealt with a client that had kidney issues, they had a high protein diet. When I say high protein diet, I’m talking about eating bacon for breakfast, chicken for lunch and beef for dinner, or they were eating a lot of animal protein in general. When you eat excess animal protein, it gets into the blood and it has to be filtered through the kidneys.

Over time, this creates a really tough environment for your kidneys and it’ll start to show up in your face and eye area. You’ll also experience tiredness and skin conditions. The skin is actually like a third kidney, so if you start to have skin conditions, it may be that there’s actually something going on with your kidneys as well.

How To Heal a Kidney Problem

If you just have minor kidney issues with some high results from a blood test, it’s not too big of a deal. Just modify your lifestyle! Eat more greens, eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce the amount of animal proteins you’re eating.

If you have major kidney problems, you probably should cut out animal protein completely, just while you’re allowing your body to heal. I would also recommend doing a fast.

Why do I recommend fasting?

Why do I recommend fasting?

Because I’ve had multiple people come to my programs in Bali and go through a fasting process when they are near kidney failure. And in as little as two to three weeks on juices or water, their kidneys have gone back to absolutely normal filtration, working the way that they should.

Fasting is the BEST way to heal the kidneys and bring them back into balance.

Then you really need to look at your lifestyle moving forward and make sure you eat more of a plant-based diet, get a balance of exercise, sunshine, deep breathing and healthy living. You’ve made a huge effort to heal, so don’t let those problems come back!

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