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Jodi Chalmers
Beeliar, WA


Jodi has always followed a deep seated passion for learning how the Human Body functions. Beginning as an Aerobic instructor in 1995 and then when her children came along not long after, researching and teaching herself that the foods her kids consumed contributed to their moods, health and overall wellbeing too. Just by removing additives alone from their daily foods saw a shift in moods from frustration to more calming energies enabling more focus in their schooling.

With a keen interest to constantly learn how the human body functions, Jodi deepened her existing eight years of practising yoga to evolve as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 2017. Taking her teachings further by facilitating Yin Yoga classes. Then realising Yin supports the body’s fascia and meridians to flow freely and more fluidly, helping the body to heal itself from chronic pain when given the right environment to flourish. Adding regular juice fasts to her health regime, practising yoga becomes more lighter, with more energy and flexibility, giving her body a deep clean feeling.

In 2018, Jodi developed Peri Orbital Dermatitis. It first originated around her mouth during the pregnancy of her 4th child in 2012 and was treated with pharmaceuticals… then she found Tyler’s teachings in 2015 and healed herself from psoriasis using the Tolman Methodology and fasting techniques. So in 2018 when the peri orbital dermatitis reappeared, Jodi was equipped with the tools to heal herself. It took 4 days of colon cleansing, a 10 day water fast, working through the emotional aspects that arose and following the 7 Principles of Health over the next 3 months to heal her red, itchy, burning and flakey skin for good!

Naturally aligning all of her passions together to serve her Community further, becoming a Tolman Health Coach was a natural next step. Jodi shares her knowledge with people on how to support their own health journey by eating nature’s whole foods, including juice & water fasting and other cleansing protocols as detoxification tools. With her own commitment to self care, she has proven beyond doubt to herself that consistently cleaning the inner terrain holds a key to give the human body the ability to not only feel lighter, it dissolves nagging aches and pains, clears brain fog and gives an abundance of energy so that she could move through life with more ease and flow.

In addition to Yoga and Health, Jodi is passionate about Universal energy, vibrations and frequency. This lead her to pursue the healing modality of Reiki in 2003 and Reiki Master in 2004 which validated her belief that all physical ailments begin in the etheric field which has the potential to manifest as a physical ailment if left unprocessed.

Intrinsically knowing that we need to be more conscious of our thoughts, beliefs, self talk, eating habits, exercise and behaviours in everything we do in order to raise our personal vibration to live a full life. Through this understanding of using movement, wholefoods and energy to dissolve dense energy within our energetic and physical bodies, Jodi brings yet another dimension to the health and wellness realm.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Pain Management & Chronic Injury

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