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Mitchell Villani
Adelaide, SA




Mitchell was Tyler’s very first coach back in 2018 and was one of his top performing coaches who took a year off during the pandemic to build upon his own personal coaching skills.  In that time he has studied and worked with some of Australia’s top life coaches, and started his own brand called LIVE DIFFERENT.
Mitchell’s studies and certifications include:

• Plant-Based Nutrition, Feb 2021, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell University
• Diploma in Integrated Iridology and is now a certified Iridologist.
• Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner via Juice Master

Mitchell is back with a greater cause and reason to support Tyler, Tolman Health team and you (the community), by sharing and teaching the Tolman Methodology.  As Tyler always says, ‘We Are Better Together’.
This is not just a coach who lives and breathes the Tolman Method, but one whose life was saved because of it. Mitchell used to be an Australian Professional Athlete, but unfortunately suffered an extreme neck injury in September 2013, causing him to become debilitated with chronic nerve pain for almost 3 years. The journey almost killed him, but when finding the truths in the Tolman Method and applying them diligently daily Mitchell healed himself naturally.

“Fasting saved my life” Mitchell quotes. He has completed many fasts and his greatest milestone and breakthrough was completing the 20/20 fast in March 2019. 20 days of water followed by 20 days of cold-pressed juices.

Mitchell has now coached many people to heal themselves from many different conditions :

• Stage 3 & 4 cancers

• Many autoimmune conditions

• Chronic mental health

• Digestive/gut issues
and much more

Mitchell knows what it takes to heal and because of this he is there every step of the way with you!

After working with hundreds of people he has now discovered that the key to overcoming anything is to focus on the root cause.  Thereafter, supporting the body to a point where ailments simply cannot return. Mitchell calls this becoming superhuman!


  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Becoming Superhuman, Elite & Optimised
  • Fasting & Juice Cleansing
  • Pain Management & Chronic Injury

Praise for Mitchell Villani

"Mitchell coached me through a 20/20 fast recently which has formed the foundation of my life. I went into the fast with one objective, to give myself the best possible chance of having my own children; however along with this came the emotional healing of other factors in my life which I had compressed for many years. Mitchell taught me how to break down the walls I put up from childhood. I now have a clear mind free from negative thoughts and feel physically and mentally stronger. Mitchell's passion for health, energetic vibe, along with his knowledge is phenomenal. I would highly recommend him as a coach as you feel supported through each day."

Fatima Hamit

"Mitch has helped me to understand ME, my body and the state of myself at this very moment. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve understood, through him, that for me to take the first steps towards healing, I had to realise where I was actually standing. Having Mitch as a coach has been the best investment I have made on myself. It’s harder to do anything on your own. Information can be interpreted to the best of ones knowledge. What I realised immediately was that he was breaking it down for me from experience himself. How comforting to know that he walks the talk. Mitch today isn’t just my teacher, my coach. Mitch is a friend of mine and to my whole family. My biggest complaint about Mitch is that he doesn’t live in the same city as we do. Jerk. "

Antonio Bellido

"April 19th 2019 I got a pap smear result that said abnormal and just before cancer. Operation was booked for the 8th of May. During this time I went to Tyler Tolmans Longevity Tour in Brisbane about a week before the operation. I wasn't game and had a full hysterectomy. I didn't recover and by September I went to Tyler's 3 day Express event. I was in so much pain, could still hardly walk and I couldn't poop! I met Mitchell there and off we went on this exciting Trisha Heal Herself and permanent lifestyle change journey. My lymph system was so blocked I had lumps on both sides of my neck and 2 large ones in my chest. Mitchell coached me through a liver cleanse, colon cleanse, kidney flush, another colon cleanse, few days on fruit and a couple on blended melon and into a 28 day juice fast! BOOM! The ones in my neck are now GONE and whilst the chest ones are the same size on latest CT scan I have no doubt they will go in the next year or so. My head feels light and clear, I'm no longer in pain, and I can poop and walk properly! THANK YOU MITCHELL for helping me and guiding me every step of the way. You're incredible at what you do and I highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking to heal themselves"

Trisha Evans

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