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Morning Rituals | Shake & Bake
Shake & Bake

Morning Rituals | Shake & Bake

Shake & Bake is a series of body slapping, joint movement and breath work with the main purpose of activating the lymphatic system. Getting the lymphatic system moving assists with loosening the calcification build-up (toxins) so it can be eliminated from the body.

With a lot of independent research, reading of external research studies and training across multi-disciplines, Shake & Bake was born. From using ancient techniques found in Egypt to yoga movements to some martial arts skills, Shake & Bake will activate organs, stretch and strengthen muscles, all while getting that lymphatic system pumping. 

Why is it important to get the lymphatic system moving?

The lymphatic system is the body’s sewage system. All the waste from the body’s cells goes into our lymphatic system. If we don’t move, the lymph doesn’t move. Unlike our heart, the lymphatic system does not have a pump, so movement acts like the ‘pump’. The body needs to move to allow waste to loosen so it can be eliminated through one of the four channels of elimination (respiration, perspiration, defecation, urination). 

Otherwise, it just continues to recirculated within the body. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound appealing to me. 


Only good things will happen with you consistently do the Shake & Bake, here are a few of the many benefits:

 – activate the lymphatic system (goes without saying)
 – stimulates peristalsis (colon activation)
 – increases oxygenation
 – low impact strength building
 – sedentary lifestyle improvement
 – moving old preteinaceous waste to elimination
 – increased mobility
 – reduced joint pain 

The Process

Overall, how the Shake & Bake is done wakes up the nervous system, sending signals to the brain, loosening up any stuck points and gets the electrical flow happening throughout the whole body. We are also waking up the adrenal glands (gently) and activating the thymus gland. 

Body Slapping – This is the first part of Shake & Bake, which is really like an ancient martial arts technique for waking up the body and the entire nervous system, and getting our lymphatic system moving. 

Deep Breathing – One of the ways the lymphatic system moves is through focused breath work, moving the diaphragm up and down, expanding the lungs and pushing all the lymph fluid through the body.

Movement – In conjunction with breathing, the lymph fluid starts to move, hydrating every part of the body. This is done through moving all the joints and stretching out the muscles, starting from the lowest part of the body and working our way up. 

This process is helping to clean out the acids from our organs andjoints. This really helps to clear out any joint pains in the body.

Tyler's Tips

1. Before you get started, hydrate with a litre of water. I like to add some lemon and a pinch of salt to help alkalise my body.

2. Find a surface that you can be completely grounded, so you can be mentally and physically balanced. I like to be barefoot on some tiles, stone floors or outdoors on the dirt, grass or sand!

3. Remember to breathe!

As you go through the movements, you will forget to breathe, so try to remember to always come back to your breath. Breathing consciously and consistently throughout the Shake & Bake is truly where the magic happens. 

4. When standing, stand with knees slightly bent – it will help with balance – and your body open and connected by keeping your shoulders back. 

5. If you experience any pain during any of the movements, back off that movement a bit and keep going. 

6. Doing Shake & Bake every day will have a very profound effect on the body; increasing flexibility, building strength, and really help the nervous system to open up. 

You are ready my friends. Start my video and follow my lead….

Side note, in my video I talk about focusing on other specific areas of the body, such as doing eye exercises, clearing the sinuses and just working on the whole head space. I also mention an exercise called the Tibetan Rites that activates the endocrine system…I cover all of these exercises during my Morning Activation session that are included in my 3 month Know Thy Self Journey program. Alternatively, join me on a regular basis with my Morning Rituals Membership. Check them out if you are interested in levelling up your health!

Thanks for reading!


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