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Nadja Baron
Exmouth, WA



Hi, my name is Nadja and I like to support mums to make their health a priority.

When my beautiful son-shine was born I felt like I was hit by a truck but instead of resting and healing I had this tiny little human clinging to me day and night. I felt tired, anxious, lonely, depleted & stressed. Wasn’t this supposed to be the best time of my life?

Being a new mum has totally changed my world and destroyed all my previous misperceptions of what motherhood is all about. I can now clearly see how easily mums can get entangled in a big mess to then deal with postnatal depression and other health issues.

Having learned so much about nature’s healing principles I was able to avoid many unnecessary drugs & synthetic substances and other traps and I managed to heal myself and raise my child as close to nature as possible.

As mums, we have an enormous opportunity to set a great example for our children of how to be kind to ourselves, and how to take care of our own mental, emotional & physical health. Being conscious of mother nature’s universal principals I was able to gain back my mental strength, energy and confidence and turn motherhood into an enjoyable experience.

Looking after your health is the greatest gift that you can give to your family, children & community, hence why my mission is to support busy mums to stay connected to themselves and experience energy, bliss & joy while raising their children.

It’s easy nowadays to just open your phone and find yourself overwhelmed by a tidal wave of collective fear, anxiety, and stress. Yet, you have the power to choose what and who has access to you—and how and where you spend your precious time.

But where and how do you begin—especially if you’ve been at the bottom of your own “to-do” list for a while?

First step: Start by putting self-care on your to-do list!

Second step: Get in touch with me for a chat 🙂

I would love to support you on this incredible, crazy, messy yet most wonderful journey called motherhood!


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

Praise for Nadja Baron

My name is Valentina Muga and I had an Iridology session with Nadja as I wanted to know more about a possible predisposition for cancer, as in my family there is lots of cases. She was extremely caring and thoughtful during the session, being warm and professional at the same time. After studying my eyes and talking about lifestyle and other health questions, she explained everything to me and gave my guidance. Since then I have been drinking the amount of litres of water that she advised, in the time frames that she recommended. I have also been practising intermittent fasting, boosting my energy levels and bringing more awareness into the way I introduce gently foods in the morning. I also started eating foods that I wasn’t normally consuming before as apples or blueberries as I now understand how good they are for my health. After a couple of months practising her advice in different areas I can say that Nadja's knowledge and guidance was life changing.

Valentina M.

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