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Nadja Baron
Exmouth, WA



Iridology hugely inspired Nadja’s personal healing journey back in 2015 after a family member was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was eager to learn as much as possible and make Iridology her profession. Eventually her goal is to become one of the best Iridologists in the world. Naturally it made sense to methodically and meticulously study with the best Iridologists around the world to satisfy her thirst for knowledge.

Nadja is now a certified IIPA Iridologist and Tolman Health Coach and has looked into hundreds of eyes ever since.

For 4 years, Nadja also worked for Tyler Tolman behind the scenes and was eventually flown into Bali and the Gold Coast on many occasions to help organise Tyler’s Iridology, Educational & Fasting Retreats. She has been part of a team that supported up to 40 individuals on their fasting & healing journey on a regular basis.

She witnessed with her own eyes how incredible the human body is. Nadja continues to marvel at the ubiquitous healing intelligence that’s within us all ever since she supported people firsthand through the process of healing.

Nadja is now combining the best of both worlds: Iridology & the Tolman Methodology

One of her favourite quotes is: “A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself!”

Nadja’s mission is to do exactly that: Inspire people to get back into the drivers seat and take full control over their health!

Working with Nadja, you’ll learn absolutely everything in how you can avoid chronic diseases and live a long, happy, energetic, fulfilled and super healthy life that you will truly enjoy living. If you action just a fraction of what you will learn, you’ll experience the vital life force of your body and spirit in a whole new way.

You’ll get guidance, feedback and accountability from Nadja, as well as access to an amazing Community. You will also receive all the techniques, knowledge and the right tools you’ll need to create massive positive changes towards your health goals.

Are you ready for some true transformation and learn a lot more about your true self?

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  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

Praise for Nadja Baron

My name is Valentina Muga and I had an Iridology session with Nadja as I wanted to know more about a possible predisposition for cancer, as in my family there is lots of cases. She was extremely caring and thoughtful during the session, being warm and professional at the same time. After studying my eyes and talking about lifestyle and other health questions, she explained everything to me and gave my guidance. Since then I have been drinking the amount of litres of water that she advised, in the time frames that she recommended. I have also been practising intermittent fasting, boosting my energy levels and bringing more awareness into the way I introduce gently foods in the morning. I also started eating foods that I wasn’t normally consuming before as apples or blueberries as I now understand how good they are for my health. After a couple of months practising her advice in different areas I can say that Nadja's knowledge and guidance was life changing.

Valentina M.

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