| Tyler Tolman
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low iron

A big portion of the population is very low in iron, no matter what they eat.

Iron deficiency seems to happen in so many different people, so what’s actually causing it?

The typically cause of an iron deficiency is some kind of digestive condition. There might be some inflammation in the digestive system so your body is not actually absorbing the iron.

Another thing to be really aware of is that if you’re taking calcium supplements, this can actually diminish iron, leading to anemia and iron deficiency.

And you might be thinking, “Oh, I don’t take any calcium supplements,” but if you go look at a lot of the products that you’re buying – milk and cereals and things that are fortified with calcium – these could potentially be the cause of your anemia.

So what can you do?

Obviously, if you’re not eating foods high in iron, that could be one of the causes as well.

So, first and foremost, what foods are high in iron? There are two different forms of iron and one of these better than the other because it doesn’t create toxicity.

The best form of iron to get is called Non-Heme Iron. One of the highest sources of this is simply raisins, and grapes. A red grape looks like the red blood cells of the body and it improves the red blood cells, which are boosted when we have oxygen and iron.

Eating raisins, grapes, dates or figs on a daily basis is fantastic for boosting your iron. Blackstrap Molasses is something else you can take. A tablespoon of that every day is great as it has a high level of iron.

Another thing to be aware of is that you need to have a high Vitamin C content to absorb the iron. So having some orange juice, eating a lemon, eating an orange, having some limes, having citrus or anything that builds Vitamin C is going help uptake iron.

Iron is also high in all green products, so spinach and salads or any type of green product is also a good source of iron.

One thing that’s not talked about is sunshine and Vitamin D, so getting into the sun and boosting Vitamin D is also going to help uptake iron and boost your energy. If you have an iron problem, you’re probably fatigued. The anemia is something that’s really just kind of sucks and leaves you with low energy.

So once you get in the sun, start boosting your diet with some of these foods and you heal your digestive system, you will boost iron in your body.


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