Natural Birth Control Methods - Having Safe and Healthy Sex
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Natural Birth Control Methods – Having Safe and Healthy Sex
natural birth control methods

Natural Birth Control Methods – Having Safe and Healthy Sex

In this Tyler Talks I’m sharing ideas on natural birth control methods. I’ve had people concerned that rubber condoms are toxic, and are looking for a natural way to avoid pregnancy.

Contraception is such an important topic. I think it’s up to the intelligence the man and woman working together and really being smart all about it, because if you don’t want to have children you have to take the necessary precautions.

Before we go any further I would like to say upfront that this video is gonna be for those 18 years and older 😉

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Ladies; Know Your Body And Your Cycle

If you really want a natural way to avoid pregnancy, it’s important for a woman to become aware of her menstrual cycle. There’s a really good book that my wife Rachelle recommends called Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish.

This book can help educate you ladies out there on how to be really be in tune with your menstrual cycle. If you’re aware of your cycle, and it’s regular, there are some very specific times when you have the “green light” so to speak and not have a problem.

Then there’s times you probably want to avoid, like when you’re ovulating.

There’s a ton of different apps you can look at too, like this Period Tracker App for example.

I know typically while a woman is on her period everything is “good to go”. Some people may be turned off by that, but perhaps just open your mind a little, or find out the different times during her cycle that suit you best.

I just want to add here that you definitely don’t want to go down the path of contraceptive pills if you are keen to avoid chemicals.

Are Condoms Toxic Or Is It The Lubricant?

Everyone has their preferred methods of contraception and personally I’m not big on condoms for two reasons.

Firstly because I know some ladies can react a little bit to the material they’re made from.

And secondly, they just doesn’t feel the best.

But I don’t really believe the condoms themselves are actually toxic. However a lot of condoms have lubricants and other things added to them which could be quite toxic.

The lubricants being used may not be the highest quality and probably have different petrochemicals and things that can lead to issues.

Many also have a spermicidal added, or drugs to dim the nerves so that the penis can last longer.

If you’re going to use condoms I would recommend that you wash them, or just buy the non-lubricated, non-spermicidal regular types and use your own lubricant like coconut oil.

Lessons In Control For The Guys

For the guys it’s all about control. I know there’s a lot of men out there that pre-ejaculate.

By this I mean they may not feel ready for the ‘big bang’ but there is a little bit of pre-ejaculate that leaks out. Many times that is how a woman can get pregnant.

What guys can do is to practice strengthening the muscles that hold on to everything.

When you’re urinating, start ‘pinching’ off the urine with your muscles down there 2 to 3 times whilst you’re in a good flow. Literally almost every time you go to the bathroom practice pinching it off and letting it flow.

By doing this you’re strengthening the muscle and this will stop excess fluids leaking out of the penis during intercourse.

During the love making session I think for the guys there should be a level of being able to control what’s going on. By this I mean knowing when to slow things down or even stop, before continuing again.

Getting in control of your breathing can really help and make a beautiful experience last an even longer period of time.

I highly recommend helping a women to orgasm before you do, and then when you feel like you are reaching climax you have two options.

You can pull out and simply have a women stroke you off, or if a women loves to give you head, that’s fabulous, let her help you.

The point here is just to pull out in time so you can then really enjoy yourself and not have not to worry about getting a woman pregnant. The second option is to grab a condom when you feel you’re getting close.

My Thoughts On Contraceptive Surgery

I don’t think it’s the greatest idea for guys to get ‘the snip’. It’s a natural thing for seminal fluids to flow through the body. When you stop that flow I believe it can change things in a man that you are not wanting to do whilst you’re still in your younger stages of life.

For women the same applies anytime you’re cutting or having surgery; you’re creating a chaos within the body. The body will not be able to flow naturally, so there are going to be side effects on some level as a result of this kind of surgery.

Be Smart, Play Safe, Have Fun

When it comes to contraception just be very smart about it. Be safe and when you’re ready to have kids that’s a beautiful thing and one of the most amazing gifts in this life.

Thanks for reading!


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