Natural remedies to help you stop snoring and get a great nights sleep
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Natural remedies to help you stop snoring and get a great nights sleep

Natural remedies to help you stop snoring and get a great nights sleep

Do you suffer from waking up from your own snoring, cause it’s so frickin loud?

Is your partner pissed off because you snore so loud, or are you the individual that can’t sleep, because your partner snores so frickin loud?

What actually causes snoring?

As we get out of balance in our lifestyle, maybe by eating the wrong types of foods, maybe by getting stressed out, our body can actually put on fat in different ways.

A lot of times, we can see the fat. You can see it externally.

A lot of times, in individuals who don’t even appear to be fat, they have something called visceral fat. This is the type of fat that accumulates around the organs and even in the throat and the airway and around the soft palate of the mouth.

When this excess fat accumulates, it narrows the airway and causes a vibration as we’re breathing at night. This is what causes snoring.

Over time, if you don’t deal with this visceral fat, it can cause sleep apnea. This builds up to the point to where you actually can’t breathe at night. Then you have to get on a machine called a CPAP machine, just to help you breathe through the night.

It’s absolutely crazy. The reason I say it’s absolutely crazy is because you can reverse this very quickly.

How can you stop snoring?

I’ve worked with lots of clients on CPAP machines. I’ve worked with clients who have suffered from snoring.

Very quickly, when you go a fast, it helps you to eliminate that internal visceral fat, which you definitely wanna get rid of. It can lead to heart attack, stroke, congestion of the organs and different kinds of diseases.

Most of the time, snoring happens in men and it’s typically because they hold a lot of fat around the throat, neck and face areas.

The best thing you can do is start to detoxify, nourish yourself and potentially do a fast to eliminate this type of fat.

I know, probably within two to three, maybe five days, you won’t be snoring anymore. You’re going to eliminate a lot of this stuff and with the right lifestyle afterwards, you’re going to be able to sleep like a baby and you’re not going to piss your partner off!

Or, if you need to have your partner come and do this process so they can heal themselves and prevent snoring, send them the link to the detox page.

Thanks for reading!


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