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Ophelie Braga



From a very young age Ophélie experienced digestive issues, her symptoms became chronic over the years. She went on a journey desperately searching for answers on how to heal herself. After her first born also showed signs of digestive issues it pushed her to dive deeper. It is only when she found Tyler that everything fell into place and made sense. With his teachings she felt confident to deeply heal her body as well as caring for her family confidently. She has now transformed her passion into a mission by helping others finding answers to their pain and heal themselves. She believes no one should experience chronic disease and unnecessary pain.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Stress & Anxiety

Praise for Ophelie Braga

When I started the coaching with Ophelie, I was struggling with digestive and vaginal infection issues. I actually decided to clean my body because I couldn’t get rid of constant thrush for almost three years. After a long journey in the regular medicine full of drugs and different diets that never really resonated with me, I figured that it would never help me. I was also in a very energetically low zone. I was feeling miserable, stressed and anxious all the time and would consume alcohol or other recreative drugs to forget how bad I felt. The 12 weeks coaching with Ophelie was genuinely the best decision for my health I ever took. I got rid of my vaginal infections and constipation issues. For my whole life I thought having a bowel movement every THREE DAYS was normal. In only three months I went from that to a regular bowel movement after each meal !! But most and foremost, what I gained from this coaching is how to take care of myself. I feel empowered. Whatever product, whatever food I buy, use or cook, I do it knowing its exact impact on my health. I would definitely recommend it. I think it’s essential for everyone to acquire those knowledges that work as a tool for the rest of your life. Though, I think the key of success for this amazing journey is to be committed hundred percent. You need to be ready and willing to trust your coach. Ophelie has been for me the ideal coach, really listening to my needs and so understanding as well. She supported me on the best way I could’ve asked. Having a genuine connection with my coach was probably the most important condition for me before I start, and I definitely found it!

Lola M.

When I reached out to Ophélie, I was overwhelmed, confused & desperate for help. After YEARS, multiple doctors including specialists, dietitians I had pretty much accepted that being sick constantly with IBS was my reality. When my little girl (2) started presenting similar symptoms & suffering day & night, I knew I needed to take things into my own hands. Working with Ophélie I can honestly say has been life changing for our family! It has empowered me with the knowledge & trust that we really can heal ourselves & don't have to accept our current situation as an end point. It can get better!!! She was so patient with me, I never felt pressured to be at a certain place, she worked with me where I was at. Her support, knowledge & passion has been invaluable to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve this & for the tools you've given me to maintain great health

Nelly W.

My 1:1 session with Ophélie was fantastic and I can not recommend her highly enough! She is the real deal. A wealth of knowledge delivered in a nurturing and compassionate way. I left my session feeling empowered and excited to get to work with all of the tools and wisdom gained from our session!

Kendall C.

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