Parasite Cleanse 101 - For Removing Parasites In Humans


Parasite Cleanse 101 | For Parasites in Humans that are Causing Illness and Disease

Parasite Cleanse 101 | For Parasites in Humans that are Causing Illness and Disease

Do you need to do a parasite cleanse? Probably… I hear from so many people suffering from symptoms of parasites – severe bloating, cramps, constipation, diarrhea.

A big problem in getting to the bottom of this (pun intended) is that the mainstream medical system really doesn’t have a way to detect, or even find most forms of parasites. They give you drugs for the symptoms, but essentially the parasites aren’t removed during that process.

Gotta be a better way, right?

Natural Parasite Cleanse – Herbs And … Earth?!

Herbal remedies are a great tool to start with right away. Cloves, wormwood and black walnut are what you want to look for.

A clove head looks just like the end of the parasites head, and I think nature really designed it that way to get us to use it to eliminate parasites. Cloves work because they kill the eggs, not just the adults. Along with cloves, the herbs wormwood and black walnut husk are great as they will kill the parasites in general.

Try taking these herbs as a tea on a daily basis as part of your parasite cleanse. You can add some honey to taste if you like. Honey is an anti-parasitic by the way, as are pumpkin and papaya seeds.

There’s another thing called diatomaceous earth. What the?! That’s right diatomaceous earth! It has a fragmented structure that gets rid of parasites by literally cutting them into pieces and then they’ll come out in your poop!

Fasting For Parasites – Starve Them Out!

Now if you have tried herbs without success that’s where the fasting and cleansing comes in.

Colon cleansing is THE place to start when doing a parasite cleanse because it’s build-up of plaque in the colon that the parasites feed on and one of the big reasons the parasites are there in the first place. I have a Colon Cleanse you can buy online specifically designed to clean out the plaque from your body.

Plaque can be the result of a crap diet or just a slow build-up that’s formed over time and distance. Often plaque is also partly a physical manifestation of a past experience, or pattern that we are holding onto. You may need to do some emotional or energetic work to help release that.

After a colon cleanse I recommend you begin juice fasting for 10-14 days. By this point, you should start to see the parasites being ejected out. Yes! It’s important you do look at them, you know, in the toilet with your little flashlight and mask and magnifying glass! But seriously you do need to be able to see if they’re coming out. If they are great. If they don’t come out after 10-14 days of juice fasting then you might need to do a water fast to really starve them out.

I would also recommend checking your pH and making sure that you’re more alkaline and if you’re not maybe adding a little bit of salt with a little bit of bicarbonate soda. Pour a teaspoon in your water and drink that a couple of times a day until your pH comes up to above 7.

Breathing exercises are a great way to alkalise the body also. I have an audio called “7 Rounds Of 7” that you can access via my YouTube Channel. Do the ‘7 Rounds Of 7’, three times a day and you will feel balanced, gain clarity of mind and probably be ready to release whatever it is you’ve been holding onto.

Blast Them Out!

Ok, here is a last-case scenario for just blasting those parasites out the back! I’ve never shared this before publicly but I’m sharing it now. If you think you have any form of parasites and you’re serious about wanting to get rid of them then try this.

It’s a thousand-year-old parasite cleanse formula using fresh raw goat’s milk and honey. Use an enema bag to put just a little bit of the goat’s milk and honey into your colon, not much, just a little bit that you can hold it in and sit there. Then do a salt flush (1 tablespoon of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt in a litre of water then drink 1/3 of it). Next, do some Shankhaprakshalana exercises (look them up!) to encourage the salt solution to move through your body. Repeat as necessary.

What’s going to happen is all these parasites are so hungry they gather to eat the milk and the honey which you’ve used to entice them super close to your butthole. Then in perfect synchronicity, the Shankhaprashalan exercises will bring the saltwater rushing down into the colon, and… KABOOM!!! The parasites that gathered to your colon are flushed out into the toilet – you can get rid of a LOT of parasites this way!

Colon Cleansing To Keep Clean!

After using any of the parasite cleanse protocols I’ve discussed, the biggest thing is changing and modifying your internal terrain. This is super important because when your insides are healthy you don’t have the plaque which the parasites love to live on.

Some regular fasting and colon cleansing is the way to go here. You’ll eliminate the parasites and in the process you’re gonna get healthy, you’re gonna have energy, you’re gonna have mental clarity, and you’re gonna feel freakin’ fan-tastic!

Thanks for reading!


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