Radiation Treatment For Cancer - Does This Heal You?
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Radiation Treatment For Cancer – Becoming Aware And Informed Of What This Will Do To Your Body

Radiation Treatment For Cancer – Becoming Aware And Informed Of What This Will Do To Your Body

A lot of people come to me, asking “What are your thoughts on radiation treatment for cancer?” Unless you believe that a firefighter should use gasoline to put out a fire, there’s no way radiation can treat cancer without causing more cancer in the process. You can’t fight fire with fuel. Radiation causes cancer. Period!

Even in medical journals there is information that radiation therapy actually makes the situation worse. In fact go to the American Cancer Society, they say all forms of leukemia are potentially caused by past radiation exposure (none of which is as powerful as radiation treatment)… CLICK HERE and check out this document from the American Cancer Society to see for yourself.

Using radiation to treat cancer is absolutely ridiculous. According to the science, cancer is mostly a lifestyle disease and there are other forms of treatment that will not have you coming back with even worse forms of Cancer down the road.

There is a path for disease and sickness and fighting, and radiation takes you down that path. Along with processed foods, artificial sweeteners, stress, toxicity, toxic relationships – all these kinds of things are possible causes of cancer. It’s a lifestyle affair. Cancer doesn’t hit you all of a sudden. It can be detected 3-5 years before it forms tumors or before it can even be felt. This means that there is a long time of doing something that causes this to happen. Cancer doesn’t just show up out of nowhere and it’s not because of genetics, although that may play a small role. The actual manifestation of cancer is due to many triggers and continued growth from daily choices… it is the sum cause of everything you are doing. You have to modify your lifestyle. You have to go down that path of health & vitality. Health is the only thing that will get rid of sickness. Period!  And there is nothing to fight!!  Only embracing habits daily that rejuvenate and cleanse the body. You always have a choice.

I know people don’t want to hear this because then they have to take responsibility for their own disease, they would rather believe there was nothing they could do.  This belief is disempowering and is what the medical system wants so you will just do whatever they say (take treatments that will have you coming back for more and more).

If you take traditional (medical) treatments, your chances of dying increase by about 300-500 percent. If you take alternative (natural) routes, your chance of surviving past the 10-year mark increases by 300-500 percent. I think it’s very important to take those alternative routes.  Statistics show your survival rate increases by doing NOTHING when diagnosed with Cancer. Now that is saying something!! (did you get that?) If diagnosed with Cancer, statistically if you just went home and changed nothing you would live longer than undergoing traditional treatments. Most people are NOT dying of Cancer, THEY ARE DYING FROM THE TREATMENT!!  RADIATION, CHEMOTHERAPY AND SURGERIES MAKE IT WORSE!!

That which you resist persists.

If you simply discover the principles that lead to health and apply them fully, sickness goes away. What are healthy people doing? Health is simple. Observe the body’s natural cycles and find out for yourself what creates longevity and renewal of the body’s systems. If you are sick then fast or eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, go out in the sun, improve your relationships, meditate and drink more water. So many people respond, “But Tyler, that is so basic, surely that couldn’t work.” Basics are the MOST important and I will keep talking and talking about the basics until you start doing the basics. 

Every day with our little habits we are either getting sicker or healthier.

So go down the road of life and health and disease will go by the wayside. Everything in the body will heal. It’s all about walking out on a war against your body; the “war” against sickness and disease. War is the path of sickness. What pharmaceutical companies will tell you to do is attack the disease. But it’s not a fight. If you fight you get sick. The word “fight” is on this road of disease. Life and vitality are on a different road. These principles of prevention are the same for remission of cancer, disease and any other sickness, and they’re the same principles that even the American Cancer Society and Diabetes Association will tell you; eat 5-7 servings of fruits & vegetables per day, drink 8-10 glasses of water and get moderate exercise (walking for 30-45 minutes 5 days a week).  If you are already diagnosed with disease then I would be doing a lot more of all of these things… and I have designed a healing program where people with all of these things come for 30 days called HEAL THY SELF.  And guess what?  IT WORKS!! Especially when people have the right mind set and are willing to do what it takes.

This is very simple stuff. Eat fruits and vegetables. Go for a walk. Drink water and get out in the sun. You will eventually get to a state of divine health & vitality and don’t expect to get results overnight.  You may even have a healing crisis set in, making many think that you are doing the wrong thing (healing crisis is similar to flu symptoms but it’s actually the body healing) as you may feel worse before you feel better. This is how the body heals and any good healer or physician knows this.

That’s where life is. Radiation might get rid of tumors, but then the cancer will show up again six-twelve months later or a few years later all over your body. You will cause even more harm to your body. The choice is yours: embrace life and health or fight the never ending battle of sickness and disease.

Why You Should Avoid Radiation Treatment For Cancer

  • Radiation causes cancer. Treating cancer with radiation is like fighting a fire with gasoline.

  • “Fighting” cancer is choosing a path towards sickness (which, even if successful in curing one tumor, will result in more harm than good)

  • The path towards life and actual treatment of cancer is making simple, healthy choices about diet, hydration and exercise

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