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Rina Cohen
East St Kilda, VIC


Every day is like an orange. The way to live is to get all the juice.
Growing up in an emotionally abusive environment, overcoming an eating disorder and healing breast lumps in my 20’s, recovering without drugs from post natal depression in my 30’s, healing from heavy metal toxicity in my 40’s and sailing through menopause in my 50’s, all while managing stress levels of parenting two boys and running my own business.

Starting as a fitness leader I discovered the principles of natural health in the 80’s. I Unleashed my Power with Tony Robbins in the 90’s, met Don Tolman in the early 2000’s and then my mentor Tyler Tolman has inspired me to shift the paradigm.

I now live a life by design on every level.
In addition to being a qualified Tolman Health Coach and Integrated Nutritional Health Coach, Rina is an award winning Interior Designer for over 30 years. Health starts from the inside out. Your home and work spaces must support and inspire your health and wellness goals. Design all areas of your life and enjoy the juice every day.


  • Fasting
  • General Health
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Weight Problems

Praise for Rina Cohen

I came to Rina Cohen for assistance with some weight loss but found inspiration, direction and a momentum in my life with Rina’s coaching methodology of accountability.Her coaching provided me with focus and a self awareness of my goals and responsibilities in a realistic and motivating way. Everything is going so well for me, you have made such a huge impact on my life, health and wellness by guiding and encouraging me with my affirmations and goals.You are a unique person Rina who has incredible strengths and wisdom that you imparted to me with your commitment and faith.Thank you Rina

Marina P.

I have been lucky enough to experience first hand 3 months of Rina Cohens coaching during a rigorous period of Health study. Rina was always on point and was always very compassionate as well as rigorous with my circumstances. Rinas business experience and astute coaching gave me much greater insights to what is possible for my own goals especially on how to apply more accountability, consistency and planning. I highly recommend Rina for her mentoring skills, compassion and talent to anyone wanting to achieve more with their goals . Thank you

Mike B.

Beautiful, caring Rina. I’m forever grateful to you for being my coach and supporting me in my journey back to health. You are such an amazing soul with the right amount of discipline and softness in your coaching approach which really helped me keep on track. So much love and gratitude for this beautiful human 😘😘😘

Niki A

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