Should you get a mammogram or not? | Tyler Tolman
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Should you get a mammogram or not?
should you get a mammogram

Should you get a mammogram or not?

I have women ask me all the time, “Hey Tyler, what do I do to prevent breast cancer and should I actually go and get a mammogram?”

Well, that’s a really interesting question and obviously everybody wants to know if they potentially have breast cancer.

What I would say to this is that we know that radiation causes cancer. It’s just a fact.

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If you go to the American Cancer Society’s website, you’ll see they spend over $100 million per year to do research on what actually causes cancer.

Back thousands of years ago there was this man by the name off Hippocrates. He said, “First, do no harm.”

If you’re going in once a year or once every two years for a mammogram, smashing your breast in a machine and looking in there with radiation, we know that can potentially cause cancer.

There are alternatives. It’s called thermography or an ultrasound.

The American Cancer Society also states that mammograms have never improved survival of breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society, The Institute of Cancer Research and Universities around the world have a really good grasp on what actually causes cancer and how you can reduce your risk of breast cancer.

There are all these different things they discuss. They talk about exercise. They talk about diet, what we’re actually putting in to radically reduce the risk of cancer, despite even potentially having a genetic propensity.

I think it’s really important to start to look at the actual causes. We need to understand phentermine online that the breasts are where the largest gathering of lymphatic tissue comes together. Keeping the lymphatic system open and moving is one of the most important things that you can do.

I know it might sound taboo but putting deodorant underneath your arms can cause cancer. Just about every single deodorant contains something called propylene glycol. You can look up the material safety data sheet online and it’s known to cause a mutagenic effect in human cells. It causes cancer.

When you sweat, if you stink, it’s actually a sign that you’re living a wrong type of lifestyle. You’re eating the wrong foods and you’re backed up with toxicity.

The best thing you can do is actually correct your lifestyle so that you don’t stink or do some cleansing so the stink goes away.

But instead, people put carcinogens underneath their arm every single day. These carcinogens are actually found in breast tumors.

To take that a step further, aluminum, called aluminium in Australia, is known to cause systematic cancer as well. They specifically designed aluminum to penetrate your pores to block and stop you from sweating.

There are also implications of essential oils called Boswellia Sacra. If you go to PubMed online they say Stage IV breast tumors have been treated with using Boswellia Sacra. It’s more commonly called frankincense and when you put it on the actual tumors it causes them to reduce.

There’s a lot of information I think you need access to. Don’t take my word for it. Read the scientific research yourself.

Those are a few tips. Heal yourself. Join my group and avoid radiation.

Thanks for reading!


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