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Sinclair Fischer-Gray
Sydney, NSW



Sinclair is a specialist in the art of Regenerative Detoxification, a trained iridologist, world expert in Fasting and star of the documentary Fasting: The Healer Within.


As a professional rugby player and health coach to Hollywood stars, Sinclair suffered a debilitating back injury and chronic ill health which ended his athletic career. Through study, research and personal experiment he unlocked his body’s natural ability to heal itself, and he now empowers people like you to take their health back into their own hands.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Pain Management & Chronic Injury

Praise for Sinclair Fischer-Gray

IRIDE CLARK: I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian cancer. I had one 16cm tumour on my left ovary and a 12cm on the right ovary, and, due to their size, they were joined together. There was also a large mass in my omentum, with potential bowel involvement. I was told surgery was the primary treatment and I would need a full hysterectomy, bowel resection, anastomosis and temporary or permanent stoma formation surgery would be followed by at least 6 rounds of chemotherapy. I knew straight away these treatments were not for me. I couldn’t see myself going through this. I am a huge believer that our body is our best healer, and our healing starts the moment we realize that we are in control. Sinclair showed me a different way of living. My fear of cancer disappeared. I realised, that the cancer was a result of my lifestyle and my body was telling me to change my way of living. He guided me through the darkest moments of my fasting journey, and helped me stay calm and peaceful. Did fasting change my health? Yes! The tumours on my omentum have disappeared and my ovarian tumours have shrunk from 16cm to 13.4cm and from 12cm to 9cm! I have still have some healing to do but I am now floating with energy all day, every day. My mind has become crystal clear, I understand my past mistakes, which has allowed me to make very clear life decisions. My skin has a new glow and my nails & hair are much stronger. I feel as though I have been reborn. New me. New body. New mind. New life. Sinclair has been not only my fasting coach but my life coach, therapist & my friend. It’s really impossible to explain this experience, you really need to go there & experience yourself. I highly recommend Sinclair, he will take you where you’ve never been before!

Iride C.

“Working with Sinclair changed my life. Before I worked with Sinclair, I had been battling an autoimmune disease for over 10 years. I had symptoms including encephalitis of the brain, pericarditis, nervous system disorders, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, brain fog, joint pain, back pain, numbness and tingling, heart palpitations, chronic constipation and IBS, skin issues and candida. When I first contacted Sinclair, I had been on an over 10 year healing journey. I had studied and implemented the skinny bitch diet, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, keto, fasting, Dr. Sebi, Medical Medium, lymphatic massage, acupuncture and MANY MORE. I was seeing some improvements, but I wasn’t “vital.” I had seen some posts by Dr.Robert Morse in my quest to conquer the alkaline diet, but when I decided to hire Sinclair to help me go further into my detox and healing, an entire new world was opened up. I really don’t know how to put into words the GRATITUDE I have for Sinclair. It’s beyond words because they have helped me to find my CALLING. God is good and I thank him Daily for the opportunity to have worked with an incredible light such as Sinclair”

Ginger D.

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