Natural Skin Moles Skin Tags And Wart Removal Remedies
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Natural Mole, Skin Tag And Wart Removal Remedies

Natural Mole, Skin Tag And Wart Removal Remedies

Hey guys, so do you have skin tags, skin moles or warts that you want to get rid of naturally? I’m going to explain why moles and warts appear on your body in the first place and how you can remove them naturally and avoid them from reappearing.

There are two parts to look at here:

1. Look at the internal environment of what’s causing the mole or wart to appear

2. Look at things you can do externally to remove them

Moles And Warts Are Signals That Your Body Needs To Cleanse

Firstly lets discuss a little bit about your internal environment.

Understand that your entire body is a reflex organism… take reflexology for instance (the name says it all right?!!). I’m sure you’ve seen those charts of the bottoms of the feet that relate to all the different organs of your body.

So the reflexologist could be pushing on a specific area of your foot that is painful, and that spot relates directly to the liver or the heart. Even your face and eyes are representative of the health of your internal environment. Your entire body is one big reflection or “reflex” of what is going on internally.

We also have meridian lines running through the body that relate to different organs.

For example there are three meridian lines on our arms. One outer one, one inner one and a middle one. Now all of a sudden I get this little wart that shows up, and then another one further down my arm, but in the same line. If this happens I might be able to deduce there is something happening with the organ associated with that meridean line.

Just say if it’s on the lung meridian, then I know that maybe there’s an accumulation in my lungs, and it’s showing the toxicity in the form of different spots appearing on my skin. It might be on my leg, my chest, my back, my foot, it could be anywhere. But you can actually use meridian charts to start to look at where these moles or warts are popping up and which meridian they are associated with.

Because the problem is usually stemming from an imbalance of an internal organ, you can start to understand the external measures are often only ‘band aid’ solutions.

You can cut or burn these things off, but then you’re not dealing with what’s actually going on in the internal environment which is the most important.

The reason the mole or wart has popped up is that it’s a sign saying, “Hey! Wake up! Your liver is toxic and where gonna start throwing out these signs and showing you what’s going on… we’ll appear on your face, on your arms, on your back your stomach or wherever until you figure it out!”

Listen To The Warning Signs And Cleanse Your Body

If you have moles and warts appearing first of all you need to identify where it’s coming from and do a cleanse.

The reality is whether it’s your liver, kidneys or gallbladder that is screaming out to you, any cleanse will clean out all of them. Yes there is some marketing saying “this is a liver cleanse” and “this is a kidney cleanse” but when you cleanse the body you really end up cleansing everything at once, it’s impossible to isolate it that much.

It doesn’t matter so much which kind of cleanse you chose, but for sure high cleansing like a juice fast, is going to help a lot.

I will mention here that one good preparation before a juice fast is to clean out your colon. A ‘backed up’ colon can be a factor why the rest of your organs are suffering. The colon is where all the crap is at and when the colon gets backed up that puts stress on the liver, then the blood becomes acidic, it puts stress on the kidneys, then other accumulations build from the liver, leading to sinus congestion and stuff ends up in your lungs in an effort to try to push out these toxicities.

So see how all that originates from the colon!! A 4 Day Colon Cleanse will really help.

Simple Steps To Beautiful “Blemish Free” Skin

So now onto the external side of things.

If you have skin tags or moles you can get 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) dab that directly onto the mole or the skin tag using a cotton tip. I promise you do that 5-6 times a day, and within 2-3 days it will turn white and kill it to the core. This essentially gets rid of it completely.

Hydrogen peroxide, believe it or not, is one of the most natural things for the body. Our white blood cells produce and excrete hydrogen peroxide that kill off bad bacteria and viruses.

So that is the two fold process, using H2O2 onto the external part to kill it, then cleaning out the internal part it’s so gonna go away all together and not reappear.

When it comes to white little white marks and even sun spots I recommend doing Guasha, which is a process of mixing bicarbonate soda and vodka, getting a nice little scrubber brush and rubbing it into your body then rinse off.

Get the full recipe and details HERE.

It really cleans and opens up the skin. After you use it I recommend getting out to the sun, and making it a regular activity to build a tan. Coconut oil is a great natural low level sun protection. I recommend nourishing your skin with things like coconut oil, cacao butter or shea butter and essential oils.

Try making your own different concoctions yourself to put on as a body butter which feeds your skin. It’s beautiful.

It You Wouldn’t Eat It, Don’t Think About Putting It On Your Skin

If you cannot eat it do not put it on your body. So any product you buy and put anywhere on your body you should be able to eat the ingredients it’s made of.

Nourishing your external environment with wholesome products will keep your internal environment healthy & clear. Just be aware that anything we put on our skin (the biggest organ of the body) is absorbed into the blood stream so outer health equals inner health and vice versa.

I know it sounds simple, just clean your colon and do a juice fast. But health really is that simple. It will take some time and it does take some intense levels of cleansing but they go away which is fantastic.

Just remember to keep everything moving… Life is movement.

Thanks for reading!


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