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Steven Stella
Los Angeles, California



Steven has intuitively healed himself of autoimmune diseases, gut issues, candida, anxiety and depression.

From a young age Steven ate the standard American diet and was given massive doses of antibiotics. The medical system had failed him just like many others.

After years of destructive living and the loss of aunt to cancer, Steven began his health and wellness journey. From then on he was committed to immersing himself into living and healing naturally.

In 2015 Steven was studying water fasting and was immediately intrigued of its history. He stumbled upon a YouTube video by Tyler Tolman. With the support of Tyler’s videos, Steven completed a 21 day water fast in his very own apartment. After he would never be the same. Not only was he cured of all physical ailments, he quit all of his addictions and had a new outlook on life. He physically looked 10 years younger. He had more energy and life force then he did as a child. It was like he had shed off the old version of himself. He had never felt so connected and clear to his life‘s purpose.

For over a half a decade Steven has been passionate about sharing his journey and helping others successfully heal themselves. He is as empathetic as he is motivating. Steven is ready to meet the old version of you where you’re at, and guide you to your highest self.

“Our bodies are gardens – our wills are our gardeners”- William Shakespeare

“It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”- Mahatma Gandhi


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