Tolman Activation Tour In Egypt | Tyler Tolman

Visit Egypt - January 2019

with Tyler Tolman

Step out of the matrix for 12 days and explore the world of real... Learn the teachings behind the teachings.
You will feel it in your heart and you will know it is the truth.

What's Included?

  • All internal flights & transport including the Nile River Cruise
  • All Meals
  • 14 bags of Pulse & Raw Food + tub of Heal Thy Self Greens
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    11 nights 5 Star Accommodation
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    Visa to enter Egypt
  • check
    All tickets to each of the Temples, Sphinx and the Great Pyramids 
  • check
    English speaking Egyptologist and Tour Guide 
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    Gold ANKH necklace or bracelet designed and worn by Tyler 
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    Deeper teaching and AWAKENING  experiences that will change your life FOREVER
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In a nutshell

When you come to Egypt with Tyler Tolman you are going to be learning the teachings behind the teachings, even modern Egyptologists today don’t have the complete picture and in many places are completely wrong. When you learn the truth of what the ancient Egyptians were doing, you will feel it in your heart and you will know it is the truth.

The most profound nuggets of ancient wisdom taught by the Egyptians are not even been talked about...

“I have spent half my life studying and being inspired by Ancient Egyptian information and other esoteric knowledge from the likes of Pythagorus, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Dr Ramses Seleem + Don Tolman. Travelling to Egypt, is one of most profound experiences a person can have because the temples of Egypt were specially designed with a harmonic frequency to shift ones consciousness and activate levels of the human experience that we do not yet understand. These temples and pyramids are like portals or as I would describe "music trapped in stone”. This essentially means, just as music activates feelings within us, these temples will activate levels of consciousness that will bring about clarity, insight and activation in ones life and purpose and many times one’s past life memories.  I will be teaching the history and mystery of ancient Egypt as it has been handed down by the Egyptian brotherhood and from a modern Egyptological perspective.These tours are not for the random tourist who wants to stuff themselves with random food, take photographs and buy souvenirs. This will be a complete journey of the body, mind and soul and we will be raising our vibration to match some of the frequencies that exist in Egypt and become more in tune with the history that exists there.And yes, we can still enjoy the local cuisine and a drink to lighten up after a long day 🙂

the program outline

  • Ancient Egyptian Rituals of movement and activation, including sun gazing...
  • Guided toning and meditations (which will allow us to get to Know Thyself)
  • Breathing Techniques to energize your body, mind and spirit. 
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    Tyler will share the energy of its temple and its main purpose (which will attune you to that energy as you explore) 
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    All tour costs included (except your flights to Egypt)
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    12 days in Egypt with Tyler Tolman
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    10 days of touring Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Edfu, Aswan, Abu Simbel + Kom Ombo
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    4 night Nile River cruise
  • Tyler's teachings of the True History, Religious practices and health tips from the daily lifestyle of the Ancient Egyptians.
  • Tyler's teachings on evolution of the human experience
  • Tyler's teachings on health and intuition
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    Free time/down time - time for own exploration and inner  journey
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    Nightly rituals and sharing circles to acknowledge our experiences
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    High Vibrational Diet - everyone receives RAW FOOD (pulse) and HTS Greens to bring with them and will be encouraged to eat fresh fruit, vegetables and salads however this is not required 

Note: Times and events may fluctuate based on traffic and guide time frames.

Watch Tyler's video on the

12 Day Egypt Tour Itinerary


Learn the Egyptian alphabet and its deeper meanings

Initiation into the mysteries

Healing techniques, Egyptian religion and philosophy

Explore sacred sites which have designed to activate our consciousness and our DNA

Learn the relationships between our physical bodies and the external temples

Experience meditations, breathing experiences and other techniques to expand your consciousness

Learn techniques to improve our senses and open up to higher sense abilities.

Explore your inner purpose.

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