Thank you Praxis | Tyler Tolman


Thank You for taking this amazing investment in yourself..

We are so excited that you have chosen to join us here in Bali for the Praxis event.This program is all about how to fast, feast and live the fun way. We’ll not only be sharing about the benefits of intermittent fasting and a wholefood lifestyle, but show you how to make it work in your own personal life when you get back home. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and completely transform your life.

We can’t wait for you to be here with us to get started!

You have all this +
more to look forward to

  • Morning activation on the beach with Tyler Tolman
  • Daily education and wisdom with Tyler Tolman
  • Wisdom sessions with Chef Cynthia Louise
  • Food adventures around Bali
  • One-on-one time with Tyler and Cynthia
  • 5 nights accommodation at the beautiful Mercure
  • Whole food preparation classes with Chef Cynthia Louise
  • Airport pickup and all logistics taken care of!
  • Amazing crew with amazing support!
  • Fun, health and healing!
  • The best food you have ever experienced (Wholefood feasts!)

Please let us know your feeling about

the journey ahead.