Thank You – Heal Thy Self Academy – Deposit | Tyler Tolman

Thank you! Look forward to seeing you there!

I’m so excited you’re going to be joining us at the Heal Thy Self Academy here in Bali. This tropical paradise is the idyllic location to heal, regenerate and educate.

The Academy is a fun hands-on and dynamic 10 days in a luxurious setting by the beach. Prepare to make lifelong friends as you are now part of a community of inspiring and passionate people who are all dedicated to living their best life.

This training will literally blow your mind!

For all your logistical needs, we have created a Heal Thy Self Academy Checklist  page you can refer to. Please bookmark it, read it thoroughly and download it to your device so you can ensure you have done everything you need before travelling.

Once you have booked your flights, please complete the online form for my team here in Bali.

We will be sending you Academy-specific emails in the weeks leading up to the commencement date. These emails are to help ensure you are organised for your trip. Please read them thoroughly and save them in a folder so you have all the information you need. 

Finally, please take 5 minutes now to read through the terms and conditions for the program. We've done our best to keep the fine print to a minimum so it won't take too long at all to jump in and read it now. 

Looking forward to seeing you here in Bali!

Tyler Tolman TT