The effects of natural and artificial sweeteners on your body | Tyler Tolman
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The effects of natural and artificial sweeteners on your body
effects of natural and artificial sweeteners

The effects of natural and artificial sweeteners on your body

We live in a world that is just full of sugar.

All different kinds of sugar – artificial sugar, natural sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, palm sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar everywhere.



Well, the truth is, every cell of your body and your brain runs on sugars. It’s what the body actually wants. When we were first born into this world, we suck on our mother’s teat and it’s full of sugars (natural, healthy ones).

Then, babies put things into their mouth just to identify if it’s food and what they’re looking for is sugar. We’re looking for that good taste.

It’s mother nature’s way of actually telling us, “This is food and it’s good for you.”

The problem is that we’ve taken out all the nutrients and made it into a white powder, which is acidic, toxic, addictive and no good. Or we try to trick people and make artificial sweeteners that aren’t sugar at all. It’s more like a chemical that tastes sweet, and so we feel better about ourselves thinking we’re not having sugar.

But the truth is the chemical in the artificial sweetener is actually more toxic than just eating sugar.

Natural sugars

What we should do is actually just go back to mother nature. Bring it back to simplicity. Because every cell of the body and our brain runs mainly on sugars. All you have to do is look up anatomy and physiology and see how the cells function. They run on sugars.

We should be getting it from sources that also provide massive amounts of antioxidants that prevent disease and massive amounts of fibre that gets the digestive system moving. We need to find sources that also provide a lot of hydration and vitamins.

Some of the most amazing vitamins come from fruit. I know a lot of people are afraid of fruit but we need to go back to just getting sugars in their natural way.

I know people love having cakes and muffins and treats, and you can learn to use dates and honey and maple syrup (which is super high in minerals straight from the tree) and use these things as sweeteners. Chef Cynthia Louise makes some of the most orgasmic ice cream and brownies and cakes that you can’t even imagine with just whole food ingredients. It’s quite spectacular.

Natural sweeteners

Now, I know a lot of people ask, “What kind of sweeteners should I use if I’m going to use a sweetener?”

I would say use something called Stevia.

At first, it might not taste as good but it’ll grow on you. You’ll end up liking it.

I also recommend using the green leaf stevia, not the white powder, because it’s been implicated in lots of clinical trials for human longevity, increasing something called insulin sensitivity. It improves the function of our pancreas. It improves longevity and it still adds as a sweetener.

If you don’t want stevia, maybe use honey.

Honey is natural. It’s a nectar that comes from thousands and thousands of flowers. It builds our immune system, it kills off bad bacteria, especially Manuka honey. If you’re vegan and you don’t want to mess with the bees, that’s okay too. Maybe go with maple syrup or dates or something like this.

It’s really important that we avoid artificial sweeteners because they destroy the digestive system. They actually cause toxicity. We need to go back to mother nature’s most natural forms of sweeteners.

It’s a good thing to eat sweet foods. Let’s just get it in its whole food form as much as we can.

Sugar cravings

Remember if you go through the day and you don’t get enough carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, you’ll crave sugar.

This is why you have sugar cravings.

Most people are satiating that with processed sugar, chocolate and processed ice cream. This becomes a nasty addictive habit that leads to thrush, candida and all kinds of problems.

If you have that sugar craving, start to reach for the watermelon, the apples, the mangoes, the natural sugars that are going to have the antioxidants that prevent candida. It’s really important to be aware of that.

If you have salt cravings at night, it’s because you have a lack of minerals. You need to get more mineral contents from your greens and vegetables during the day.

What I highly recommend is coming into my FREE group called Tyler Tolman Community.

There, we have recipes, protocols for cleaning the body out and advice for breaking the sugar addictions. These things are going to help you live a healthier lifestyle and make better decisions, so that you can avoid diseases and conditions like diabetes and candida.

Thanks for reading!


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