The Emotional Connection Behind Acne and Pimples
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The Emotional Connection Behind Acne and Pimples
Emotional Connection to Acne & Pimples

The Emotional Connection Behind Acne and Pimples

Dealing with the subject of acne, especially in teenagers, I want to talk about it from kind of a different perspective than what you’ve probably heard before.

Most people are focused on some type of pharmaceutical drug or cleansing product for the face. I want to talk about the mental and emotional connection of WHY a person might develop acne.

The Connection Between Emotions and Acne

Most of us have at least a little bit of intuition and can see the relationship between being really stressed out or having an emotional or mental condition, and how these things can play a role in your physical health.

Some people are aware of that, others not so much. But I know when it comes to acne specifically, it has a lot to do with self-acceptance and not feeling like we’re good enough. The emotion of not accepting yourself can actually bring on skin conditions, especially acne.

So when you think about a teenager coming of age, they’re in high school, they’re really aware of their own ego, they’re always thinking about how they look and whether people like and accept them. When they start to think negatively and think that they aren’t good enough, they very often criticise themselves and don’t accept themselves. And acne will often start to show up as a result of that.

Once the acne shows up, it typically gets worse, because they’re like “Oh my god, look at that pimple, that’s ugly, nobody’s gonna like me, everybody’s gonna see it”.

That loops around in their brain and they get caught up in a cycle of not liking themselves. Then the acne tends to spread and get worse, and it’s kind of a downward spiral.

What's Happening Inside Your Body?

From the physical side of things, I have a face chart.

Face Glyph

When you look at this face chart, you can literally see that if there’s acne on the chin, it’s related to the reproductive system and even hormones. You can see if it’s on the cheeks, it’s related to the stomach. If it’s on the forehead, it’s probably related to the digestive system. If it’s between the eyebrows, it’s related to the liver.

With this face chart, you can see if there’s acne that’s accumulating in one place, which internal organ it’s indicating is out of balance.

Eating Hormones Messes with Your Hormones

Another thing that’s changing for teenagers is that their hormones are going WILD! Testosterone and estrogen and all sorts of other hormones are developing, including human growth hormones because they’re really starting to grow. These hormones can be thrown off by hormones that they’re actually eating.

Now the only way to eat hormones is by eating pigs, chickens, cows, etc., because these are animals that contain hormones. When you’re eating hormones from an exterior source, and at the same time your body’s producing all these hormones, it can be a bit much and hormonal imbalances start to create issues.

How to Eliminate Pimples for Clear, Glowing Skin

Eat less meat and eat more plants

I’m a big believer that you need to radically cut back on animal intake and concentrate more on the plant kingdom that contains phytoestrogens and other things that help balance our hormones. Certain roots like ginseng and maca and different whole foods, like avocados and leafy greens, are great for balancing hormones.

Work on self-acceptance

I believe that we also need to look at energetically, mentally and emotionally accepting ourselves, LOVING ourselves, and maybe even not looking in the mirror for 30 days while we work on these things.

Clean your internal terrain

I would also highly recommend doing some form of colon cleansing. I’ve got a Colon Cleanse product you can use. You take about a tablespoon every two hours, five times a day for four days. And it cleans the entire digestive system out!

If you have concentrated acne anywhere on your face, doing a colon cleanse allows ALL of your organs to detox.

Do a Pulse cleanse

Another thing I would recommend is doing 30-60 days of a raw food plant-based diet. That means that you’re eating fresh plants, fruits, vegetables, salads, smoothies, juices, nuts, and seeds and grains. And in fact, I have a product that’s called PULSE.

Pulse is a variety of nuts, seeds, roots and dried fruits in a perfect proportion to give the body all the nutrients it needs but also help the body to detox and balance hormones.

Use Guasha to clean your skin

One other important area to address is actual skin cleaning. I make a product called Guasha. I don’t sell this product, I just teach you how to make it at home.

It’s a mix of bicarbonate of soda and alcohol. I have a video showing you how to mix these items, you can add little bit of essential oils of your choice, to make your own guasha. You take that and scrub the skin with it. It opens up the pores and it is the most cleansing product on the planet. And it’s very cheap to make at home.

Get out in the sun

The last thing I’ll say is to make sure you’re getting out into the sun. Developing vitamin D is good for the skin and it balances your hormones. That’s gonna be a fantastic remedy right there for getting rid of skin conditions at ANY age.

You’ll be glowing after 60 days of doing this. You’ll be full of energy and mentally clear. I absolutely promise you that! 

Thanks for reading!


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