Tired and stressed all the time? You might have adrenal fatigue | Tyler Tolman
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Tired and stressed all the time? You might have adrenal fatigue
adrenal fatigue

Tired and stressed all the time? You might have adrenal fatigue

A lot of people these days are dealing with adrenal fatigue and even this thing called chronic fatigue syndrome.

I believe there are three main reasons why this happens.



1) You live a busy lifestyle

Number one is that we live in a world now that requires us to go, go, go, push, push, push, build, build, build, work, work, work, and we’re really stressed out and overdoing ourselves.

And then when you get a little bit tired, you think you have to keep going so you overstimulate using coffee, tea, drugs and other things. You’re not actually giving the body a rest so it’s under a constant state of stress.

Solution – I know it’s going to take some work to re-structure your lifestyle so that you’re not stressed all the time. I believe we can be more effective and get more done with the right structure.

2) You’ve lost your drive

Number two is that a lot of people have actually just lost drive.

They’re no longer curious. Life is no longer an adventure. They become complacent and there’s nothing that interests them anymore.

So we just get fatigued because there’s no motivation in life.

Solution – There are also things you can put into place so that you become curious once again and feel like life is an adventure. You can start to put in a weekly game plan of things that you’re looking forward to; things you’re curious about and focused on and passionate about?

Work out what gets you excited so you’re not complacent anymore.

3) You have a poor diet

I know there’s a very specific response that happens from your adrenal glands when your diet is out of order.

When you’re eating the wrong combinations of foods, it gets stuck in different places. There might be excess fat clogging up your circulatory system, pancreas and kidneys.

Every time you eating you’re creating this adrenal response. And over time that adrenal response starts to wear out the adrenal glands.

Solution – I know there’s a very specific way to live your lifestyle that allows the adrenal glands, kidneys and your body in general to really heal itself. And there are some processes by which we can go through really radically changing and healing our endocrine system, which our adrenal glands are a part of.

So what I really think would be a fantastic thing for every individual to do is actually sit down with one of my health coaches.

I have coaches called Tolman Health Coaches who have gone through a massive process of learning how to sit down with somebody and guide them to completely transform their lifestyle.

They’ll sit down with you (or you can do it online) and take some eye photos of your irises and your sclera, and they’ll assess the areas that are congested, potentially toxic, whether there is an infection and if so, how bad is it?

Is it a minor thing that can be corrected quickly? Or is it a major thing that’s going to take some time to really heal?

Then they’ll help you with an entire plan of how to transform your lifestyle so you can get your life back. You can get your energy back. And you can literally start to crack on with your passion and the things that you love in life.

So check out my Tolman Health Coaches. I recommend actually taking the time to sit down and work out a plan to get you back into a really good place.

Thanks for reading!


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