Natural Remedies And Tips To Overcome Toe Nail Fungus
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Natural Remedies and Tips to Overcome Toe Nail Fungus

Natural Remedies and Tips to Overcome Toe Nail Fungus

Tackling Toe Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus is tricky because it’s symptomatic of an underlying problem.

If I’m out walking in the woods and see a dead tree overgrown with mushrooms, I know that fungus is there to break down the decaying matter in the tree.

Likewise, if fungus shows up on my body, I’ve got some unhygienic or unhealthy flesh feeding it, and likely some internal toxicity too.

External Care

Toes take a lot of abuse because we keep them in shoes where it’s dark and moist, and where they don’t get a lot of circulation. Gravity pulls toxins in our blood and lymphatic system down to our extremities, and it’s easy for decay to set it. The fungus is actually present there to help eliminate unhealthy flesh.

Many people topically attack the fungus with tea tree oil and other essential oils, which can help. Pharmaceutical-grade applications can also work, but they can suppress the immune system and encourage other problems to develop later.

I recommend soaking the feet once or twice a day in hot water along with a cup of Epsom salt or sea salt—maybe adding in some tea tree oil.

Also, give your feet a good scrub each day. I use Guasha — a combination of bicarbonate of soda and alcohol—to cleanse my entire body when I shower. I never have any problem with my feet—the skin and toenails are clear and healthy.

Internal Cleanse

You always want to look for internal causes of external problems. If you have an acidic diet of processed foods, toxins will build up in the body and can accumulate in the feet, causing gout or toenail fungus and the like. You want to increase your intake of foods that increase circulation.

Foods with high water content—fruits and vegetables in fresh salads—will help alkalize your body and strip out toxic acids. A diet of 70 to 80 percent fresh, raw foods is optimal.

A daily green smoothie is a great way to get the fresh stuff you need. Try celery, cucumber, and apple along with your leafy greens, throwing in bananas and dates for sweetening. Blend with some water—or better yet, coconut water—to make a cleansing drink that will keep your digestive system moving. Daily exercise will also help.

But if you’ve already got unhealthy flesh feeding some toenail fungus, you’ll probably need more serious detoxification. I recommend a colon cleanse because a backed-up colon adds toxicity to the liver, kidneys, and bloodstream—your whole body, really. Once you clean out the colon, the lymphatic system can start detoxifying instead of accumulating toxicity.

I’ve put together a colon cleanse made with bentonite clay to extract pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other toxins. Start with that for four straight days and then move into a juice fast for 10 to 14 days.

You’ll feel better as you gain more energy, lose excess fat, eliminate toxicity, and increase overall blood flow.

If you’ve got fungus on your toes, you’ve probably also got fungus internally too. External soaking and washing in combination with internal colon cleansing, juice fasting, and fresh eating should help clear you up, inside and out.

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