Tree Nut Allergies | Alternatives and Overcoming the Allergy
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Tree Nut Allergies | Alternatives and Overcoming the Allergy

Tree Nut Allergies | Alternatives and Overcoming the Allergy

Having an allergic reaction to anything can be unpleasant, but when that reaction is so severe that it is potentially life-threatening, it can be pretty scary. Even more so when it’s our children who are prone to these anaphylaxis reactions.

A nut allergy is a very common allergy. Which is a shame because there are highly nutritious. So where can you get the same or similar nutrients that you may be missing out on from nuts?

In the place of nuts, you can always use seeds. Sunflower seeds are super nutritiously dense. Sesame seeds are amazing for high levels of zinc and other sesamen that open up your pituitary gland. 

There are so many other types of seeds – chia seeds, flaxseeds… seeds, seeds, seeds. Amazing.

And I would say, with really clean eating, including a lot of seeds, and mixing them with dried fruit and nuts (other nuts that you may not be allergic to), it’s a perfect ratio that’s really good for digestion and really good for the body. 

Getting Rid of a Nut Allergy

If you can have micro-doses… 

So, let’s say, your child eats a walnut (for example), and what? Gets inflammation of the lips, what happens if it’s anaphylactic response and it’s really bad. What I would recommend is, first of all germinating the nuts. Soak walnuts overnight, chop them up into tiny little pieces after they dry. Then take one of those tiny pieces and rub it on your child’s lips every single day. There’s probably not going to be a reaction, but if there is a reaction, rub just a little bit on the lip every day until eventually the reaction goes away. 

If there is no reaction, or when the reaction does go away, have him chew on a very little bit or put a tiny bit of chopped up, sprouted, germinated walnut into something else. Such as his cereal, or smoothie…. Just a tiny amount. So there is no reaction. 

I can almost guarantee if you put such a tiny amount into some kind of food there’s not going to be any reaction whatsoever. And as you are making the food with the tiny little bit of walnut, say “There will be no reaction”, and “This will be received with love”

Say it, speak it. 

Because mothers have the power of word, and as you speak into the food you are preparing, the vibration has a positive effect on the children.

Even if you want children to do certain things or act certain ways, you can speak about how they’re acting that way or doing that thing into the food and the vibration carries over. 

It’s truly powerful. 

Again, what you would do is go from micro-dosing to a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more, until there is no reaction. First we need to germinate and soak the nuts overnight. Then rinse and wash them, and then chop them up put them in different things until there is no reaction. Same thing with any kind of nut, especially nuts that have a brown shell.

This is actually really important because if you avoid the thing that they’re reacting to, eventually they’re going to react to then a pecan and then eventually to something else. The thing we need to understand about nuts is they are some of the highest forms of nutrition and they have powerful detoxification pathway nutrients that they deliver to the body. 

In fact, the word NUT-rition respresents a high level of light activator change into a process. Nutrition is a process of light these activating nutrients that come in. So the word nut is the first part of nutrition because there’s such a high density of light and nutrients inside of this little tiny package. If there is something inside of the body that needs to be cleared and detoxified, nuts are something that cause these reactions. 

So yes, that’s what I recommend is little by little by little getting over the nut allergy and then, you know because walnuts are one of the highest antioxidants out of any food on the planet. You know people think oh you know like acai and berries and all these things super high antioxidant. That’s the truth…and walnuts are higher.

How amazing would it be if you could overcome a nut allergy – so you don’t miss out on all the nutrients they have to offer. Especially walnuts, I think, as they really are a powerful food for the brain, really powerful as an antioxidant and for clearing any type of toxicity problem inside of our body. 

Thanks for reading!


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