Varicose Veins Treatment And Natural Prevention
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Varicose Veins Treatment And Prevention Using Natural Remedies
varicose veins treatment

Varicose Veins Treatment And Prevention Using Natural Remedies

The number one focus for varicose veins treatment and prevention is circulation including having healthy blood. Hydration is essential for good circulation.

When the body is dehydrated the veins will have very little blood volume, so there is decreased pressure to pump blood back towards the heart.

Now think about what happens when you drink more water. You can’t compress water, so the blood volume goes up which can then pump blood through the body. When you have weak veins combined with low blood volume, blood pressure builds up in the valves of the veins and forces the veins out.

The result is varicose looking veins.

In lower parts of your body such as your feet and legs, more pressure is required in the veins to move the blood because of the effects of gravity, so it’s often in these areas that varicose veins develop.

How Much Water Do I Need?

To keep hydrated you need to consume about 1L of water per 22kg of body weight each day.

If you are eating lots of fresh produce such as salads, fruits and vegetables that contain a high water content then I’d say you need about 1L for every 25-30kg of body weight. I weigh about 76kg and I drink on average 3.5-4L a day, but I also eat a diet high in really high in fresh produce.

By eating lots of fresh plant based foods you not only increase your water intake but you also supply your body with the nutrition required for the veins to repair themselves. The great thing about this kind of food is that it’s going to help prevent varicose veins as well as treating them. It’s going be part of the remedy AND the cure.

Healing Powers of Herbs

Comfrey is a really powerful healing green. Combine this with witch hazel (an astringent which is good for the skin) and you have a healing formula perfect to use on varicose veins.

I suggest you take a bunch of comfrey, chop it up and grind it down in a blender with half a cup of witch hazel and mix together into a poultice thick solution.

Then use a rag or cloth to hold the mixture making a compress that you can wrap around your leg. Let this sit for 4-6 hours or even leave overnight.

Get In Flow

Breathing exercises are a great way to promote good circulation.

I recommend you download the ‘Seven Rounds of Seven’ breathing exercise from my free Online Juice Fast Program. It takes only 4 minutes, 3 times a day. It will help you to relax, whilst improving circulation and increasing the level of oxygen in the body.

Make sure you do some basic exercise every single day for at least 30-45 minutes like good paced walk with deep breathing. If you can go beyond that level of exercise, great, but nothing hard hitting as that kind of exercise is not recommended for varicose veins.

Think more along the lines of light kinds of cardiovascular activity to get circulation moving. Anything that induces sweat is fantastic, even sweating in a sauna is a great way to increase blood flow and remove toxins.

Icing Varicose Veins

If your veins are really protruding, a next level treatment is to ice the area. The cold ice causes constriction of the veins which helps to pump the blood.

I actually like being in a sauna first then go straight into an ice bath made with about 4 bags of ice. This really boosts circulation and helps eliminate inflammation, boosts your immune system and definitely helps with varicose veins.

Alternatively you can use ice packs on the veins leaving on as long as your feel comfortable.

There are many options here depending on the severity of your varicose veins. Ultimately dietary and lifestyle principles are always going to be the most effective over time to both prevent and treat varicose veins.

The key points here being to focus on hydration and foods that keep your blood clean, plus breathing and physical exercise.

Thanks for reading!


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