Water Fasting Benefits - The Best Detox Cleanse
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Water Fasting Benefits – The Best Detox Cleanse On The Planet

Water Fasting Benefits – The Best Detox Cleanse On The Planet

Water fasting has been one of the greatest healing techniques in history and contunues to be so today.

There are many discussions that great ancient personalities like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Pythagoras did with water fasting. Plus, there is a bank of new information about water fasting available on the Internet, of which, the documentary called ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ is highly recommended.

Scientific research has proved how the brain literally grows, and you become more intelligent when you fast. On top of that, recent studies at the University of California Berkeley stated that 3 day water fasts reset your immune system by activating the stem cells and enables you to perform at the optimum level.

Let me tell you first, a little about the theory of sickness.

Every day we do a variety of things: breathe air that is not so pure, drink liquids that are not so good, etc., which eventually clogs our body filters, such as the lungs, nose, liver, and kidneys.

Over time, our bodies heat up and then the immune system gets knocked down. Fevers actually make the body sweat out toxins and triggers the urge to not eat, a natural fast. Three to four days of water fasting is good in such times. This will help clean out your system.

So should you allow your body to just go through this natural process of getting really sick and going through pain in order to thoroughly cleanse the system? Well, if you are cleaning the filters on a regular basis by doing a water fast, there is no need to get sick.

Another more simpler way than doing a full water fast is to try intermittent fasting.

Essentially what that is, is within a week you do not eat anything for one whole day, and this will allow for the liver and kidneys to detoxify completely and get rid of all the toxins.

It is, however, important to really hydrate yourself within that 24-hour span either with lots of water. To help flush out the toxins you can also do a salt flush, an enema, breathing exercises and natural skin cleansing.

Diabetic and hypoglycaemic people are often advised not to fast but with the right support it can potentially help their bodies release stem cells, and help repair their bodies.

For an intermittent fast you can start at noon, miss dinner, sleep, miss breakfast and start eating again at noon. This is one of the simpler ways, and if you stay really hydrated, it should not be difficult for you.

If you can’t do 24 hours, skipping a small meal also helps. I would suggest another way is to drink lots of juices and do a two-day juice fast.

For an ultimate cleanse – four extended 10 day water fasts per year is recommended to rebuild, reset hormones and have clear consciousness, energy, and clarity. Following the seasons is a good way to remember.

I go into a lot more details into the ideas of what you can do with fasting in the video, and if you ever wanted to try a fast under my guidance you can join one of my fasting retreats which I run multiple times a year.

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